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  1. I can't complete this quest. I kill a guard standing near the quest marker, but the quest marker never goes away. I can't seem to wait and reset the mine, either. I've completed all the Daedric quests and I'm too far into the game to go back to an old save without starting over. Are there other ways to get this plot of land?
  2. I didn't get the Christmas story from him today, just kept mentioning New Year's Day.
  3. There is a transparent mithril brick just outside of Isengard, just a few feet away from the map stone. Day or night, it is transparent and nothing I do seems to make it solid so I can grab it. Already got the stone on the hill farther up (from bashing the five stacks of heads), so it's not that one. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
  4. Found a lock that needs a key and a gate that needs a crank, but can't find the key or crank to go with them. Can anyone tell me where they are? Thanks.
  5. Just after using Aragorn to destroy the morgul blocks and creating stairs with them, there is a dig spot on the very left kinda hidden by the mist. If you get to where the elf has to jump up, you've gone too far.
  6. Just confirmed that you can swap out the non-character items like the pirate ship, darklight crypt, swords, elixir, etc... and still get the achievement. Did it with a leveled up Legendary Trigger Happy who did about 11 challenges. Barely, though.
  7. I was playing the agents table and suddenly the digital scoreboard disappeared and I can't find any way to restore it? Anyone know how to do that? X just changes the view, but I can no longer see my score or any of the mission stuff while I'm playing.
  8. I'm having a problem with this, too. Got the deck from Ringo, which shows up in my inventory, but I get the message that I need 30 cards no matter who I try to play with. I also have more than 30 cards in my inventory as well. I've had this happen on the pc and the 360 and yet few people are posting about it. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Got What do you want most? in Smuggler's Den and I have yet to actually progress past that level. Pretty easy as you need almost all of those items to finish the level anyway. Haven't seen the sea turtle, though.
  10. In addition to these, I am also looking for the following Legendary Weapons: Swords- Beadle's Cutlass Souldrinker Hammers- Jack's Hammer Scythe's Warhammer Sorrow's Fist Tannar's Glory Pistols- Bloodcraver Chickenbane Tee Killer Shooter Rifles- The Equaliser Marksman 500 The Sandgoose Simmon's Shotgun Skorm's Justice I'm online right now. Send an invite to SOG Flyghboy and once I have my last two achievements I'll be glad to help you with whatever you need. Thanks in advance.
  11. Need men's masquerade outfit, king's outfit, and chef's hat. Thx to anyone who can gift these to me.
  12. If you have an extra chef's hat for fable iii, i'd appreciate it. thanks.

  13. On page 251 of the hardcover strategy guide, it says that once you shoot the green orbs on both sides of the mirror, the chest behind the locked door in the present day will have a slow time potion and 175 guild seals. Got the potion, but my grand total of guild seals was 7, not 175. Forget how many I had before opening the chest, but it seems like I only got one or two at most. Did the guide get it wrong, or did I?
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