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  1. I think he is funny. But later he will [spoiler=spoiler]die So don't worry about him too long.
  2. Yes, I did it years ago.

  3. You have Death by cube 8 players yet?

  4. So, yeah, I saw "1%" on the game's box and I thought: "Is it a 1% complete game or what?" Does anyone have any idea?
  5. I think he thinks of the Opel Astra. It looks like the Civic.
  6. Finally, a Roadmap for this game! Thank you very much!
  7. It is an easter egg. A snowman talks to you.
  8. There will be a session on Saturday, 13 October 2012 at 20:00 UK time. Join if you can.
  9. THis game is terrible. It's like Golden Axe: Beast Riders, never again.
  10. Thank you for the guide, it made my Hell playthrough a piece of cake.
  11. Thank you for the tips, it made the bossfight very easy on Hell.
  12. Yeah, great game. I did not expect too much but surprisingly it is very fun.
  13. Awesome game. I surprised how smooth the framerate is. I have played through the game again after I got 1k.
  14. It's worth a rent, I even bought it. Only 3 GBP for this game? I'm in.
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