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  1. Another bump for Too Humans 10 year anniversary. Same story for me^ It might have colored my experience somewhat that I paid so little for it and in combination that I had been curious about this game for like 8-9 years before playing it, of course SK spent an even longer time making the game, so it's more like 20 years since the game first was a concept.
  2. I'll be around from now and few months, if you want to get a hold of me, give me a msg or add me on xlive, or give me a PM around here.
  3. Same story for me, only I got it even later and even cheaper, I enjoyed it a lot, despite it's flaws. I'll never know how my experience would have been affected by playing it new and at full prize though.
  4. I feel your pain, I also wanted to play this with peeps. You could always get a second copy(dirst cheap at thsi point) as well as a second xbox(also cheap at this point) and monitor(do you really only have one) of course, but that's probabaly a little too much in most cases.
  5. Would have been intersting to see some resultes, but maybe it's a bit late for this. I'm sure the results would weary greatly, as it is somewhat dependent on RNG.
  6. I thought maybe I had a shot at this with 3 red armor picies, but then I find out they are only a part of the 4 lvl30red armor set, lol. So the only thing I have is the Red swords, looted form an item spike in Ice Forest. What I don't get tho, probably because I have never played a Hack'n'Slash/Lootwhore/Dungienseiger game before, is what the point of this is. I'm on my 5th plaything now I think, going throught the whole game again on LvL50 and then I'll probbaly do it once more from Mission Selcet as those are even harder. After that I'm most likely not going to be near the complete set, but there will be no more challanges to do. So lets say you do put the hours in to get the set, finding that grind fun somehow(please if you are this kind of person enlighten me), now you have the set, what will you do with it? Seems to me like you would have needed that a long time ago, you might even have allready done most of the Unstopable challanges on your way to get the set. Lets say that you still have those Unstopable challanges left, will that armor and your playing ability be enough to do it without a depressing amount of replays seeing as the levels are so long. I just don't see the point, I like the game tho, so please enlighten me if there is a point.
  7. Aye, this challange was really fun. I had her equiped with a katana for most of the game and swithed it out for one of the Bailey swords later. She became Dr.MissNinja, I could just stand and watch her clear out the gass zombies for me. Had her with me all the way up to the "TK arena fight".
  8. I tried for this on a run but failed, I'm not trying again lol, I failed to be a veagan and that is my destiny Other then the safe things mentioned I ate some onion rings, but I fed my survivors all kinds of things, might have affected it too.
  9. Didn't get all the survivors when I played DR2, wanted to accomplish it this time, thanks a lot for the list, it was most helpfull.
  10. Thanks for the list, when I was out of ideas I checked here.
  11. Getting AAA on the bike level just feels like luck I think, because you don't care, you just want it over with, and you will if you do some runs and get some practice in. Some of the scarlett challanges are stupid too, would enjoy them a lot more of there was a reset function and not having to look at her floating up and down all the time. Thankfully the game is mostly fun tho.
  12. I totally understand you're frustration. It sucks to be locked out of you're game, I can't believe something so stupid is possible. I have never heard of such an exploitive hack, the [email protected] meny system must have been coded by morons, stupid unlock systems. I really enjoyed Nazi Zombies
  13. With little hope of finding players to play with I used this method too. -on same console -second player signed in as guest -exiting to main menu after each session -mostly used the same two song all the time, then I started to work my way down the list toward the end. -I had one random encounter during my grind where I got to play against someone else, around half way there. -I almost always made sure to get some points in with both controllers/profiles before the song ended. I kinda lost track while doing it, but I think it pretty much unlocked right around 25 sessions. Didn't see that the achive had popped until after I checked the list, so I did some extra ones hehehe. Thanks for the tips people, was very helpful.
  14. Do you play expert? If so we could do the other three as well, if we get one more player. Four Of A Kind, There Is No "I" In "Band Hero" & Star Powered. I have a friend that can help, so that makes us 3. Either way I can help you with the simple three. Working on Face To Face right now.
  15. I'll help, I need'em too. Add me if you want to or message me.
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