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  1. It's the year 2016, and I'm using this to find feathers in the Ezio Collection. Awesome site that actually works on a Windows Phone.
  2. This is my team: http://i1208.photobucket.com/albums/cc376/neeker75/GemsOfWar_zpsupz12j2p.png In the "older" days, this would pretty much invincible. Now? Not so. With all the newly introduced cards lately (e.g., the Apocalypse Mythics, cards that stun/ freeze/ entangle you on four turns, etc.), it's getting harder in PvP. But it absolutely kills anything in solo (I'm playing on Warlord I difficulty). Still pretty happy to see all the months of hard work in a guild working out to a fully workable Mythical team. I'm still playing the game for fun at Level 400, albeit just casually. The recent updates have made it frustrating. Hopefully I'll find more reasons not to quit it altogether.
  3. It's not a grind at all. You just have to press A a lot, and occasionally press LB and RB, for two hours to get the 1K.
  4. On my second playthrough, I ignored stealth, and kept calling the Hit Squad to kill everything on the map while I ran straight to the bosses. I tossed grenades to one shot the bosses, and then kill them all for the kill all bosses achievement. I'm really glad that the boredom is over. It's fine to play this game once, but having to go through it twice for achievements really takes the cake.
  5. The correct sequence to do a brutal takedown is: B, B, HOLD B (and release when circle goes to white) Easiest place to do it if you're starting the game new is the first racket for The Voice (Prostitution). Run to the back, and there will be three enemies in close proximity for you to do three in a row. I did in during my second playthrough, after getting through the entire first playthrough not knowing how to do a brutal takedown, not helped by incorrect instructions found on the internet. People keep saying B for 2-3 times, which is wrong. It can only be done one way - B, B, HOLD B (and release when circle goes to white). I just do a B, B, HOLD B and release in about a second. It usually works because if you wait for the circle to reach the white area, it's sometimes too late. I also don't rely on the "ding", because it's usually too late if you release after the "ding". I usually play without sound because my son is sleeping when I play this game (for obvious reasons - I don't want him to see this game). The animations for a brutal takedown are quite limited. Either you repeatedly stab a goon in the face or eye, or you down him, and shoot the guy pointblank in the face.
  6. Many of these rackets have hidden objectives that involve smashing up hidden stash or following/ killing someone in a moving car. Just drive around the district, and look out for red dots appearing on the map.
  7. Pretty straightforward for me on my second playthrough: - remember to wiretap the Blackmail boss, and recruit him, because I killed him on my first playthrough when I was recruiting everyone else. - recruit all informants I come across. That's another 30 hours though.
  8. There is. There's an achievement to have $150,000 in your bank and your wallet combined.
  9. Way too many things I hate about this game: 1. Losing 50% of your cash in wallet when you die - We need a penalty for death, I get it. But 50%? 10% would be sufficient. 2. Manually collecting kickbacks - I know if you do Vito's line you'd get Betty to collect kickbacks for you. But I've played over 25 hours, and this upgrade isn't available yet. Meanwhile, I had to go get them cash every single freaking time, driving over and over again for long distances to get my earnings. Can't they send a check? 3. Rackets, rackets, rackets... - There's no variation to the missions at all. 80% of the time you're doing rackets, fighting the same enemies over and over again to force the boss out. Kill the boss. Rinse and repeat. 3. Auto-directing waypoint - Ok, so I finish a racket, and now I want to go back to an side quest. I call up the map, set a waypoint to the side quest. I start driving, and the game starts to inform me of new quests being available. I continue following the GPS, driving, and then a few minutes later, I find that I've now reach the location of a new quest, instead of the side quest that I've pointed to earlier. The game has somehow decided to re-route me when a new quest is available. 4. Health and such - I'm playing on easy. I've three bars of HP at the moment. I get 2-3 shots by some goons with a pistol. 5. Fuses and wiretapping - Nuff said. 6. Auto-spawning of character to outside of racket - After you take over a racket, you automatically make a phone call to assign it to an Underboss. But but but, I can see that collectible and some cash still in the room that I want to collect! No, you get teleported to the front of the building, sometimes several minutes away (you know how big some of these compounds are), and have to retrace your steps back to the boss room to grab those titty paintings. 7. Nothing to buy - You've lots of cash, but apart from ammo, health supplies and upgrades, you can't buy anything else. Shops don't sell things at all. You don't even get a bloody suit. There's more but I'm going home now. I'm very disappointed by this game. I was so hyped up by it because it's a genre that I've always have a soft spot for. I even started playing it, ignoring Gears of War 4. It turns out to be a really bad game. Sleeping Dogs from Xbox 360 is a much better mafia game as compared to this.
  10. Looks like it requires two playthroughs, based on the secret achievements.
  11. Same problem. I paid 9.99 for it anyway. Then, I wrote in to support (via chat) on Xbox.com, and got a refund. The refund was processed immediately within the first chat. Took about 15-20 of minutes chatting and waiting though.
  12. Make sure you're shooting gold elephants. There are silver ones around as well. If you do it correctly, go to hotel's entrance, and you'll see one of the large golden elephants bleeding tears.
  13. neeker75

    [Redacted] ??

    Sometimes it glitches, and the radio doesn't appear. I just went around dismissing more guards, or walked around a bit, and it appeared soon after.
  14. neeker75

    [Redacted] ??

    .45 Therapy - shoot Caruso with a pistol during therapy (I assume you know the steps to become the therapist, etc.) Let's Dance - disguise as the military officer (soldier with red beret - there are only three to four of them in the school). Walk around the school, and dismiss every soldier who's on duty. Go to the room with the PA system, turn it on. Walk to the table near the PA system, turn on the radio. Everyone will start dancing. The general will join all the dismissed soldier outside and start dancing on stage. Shoot him when he's dancing, and prepare to run for your life. You'll definitely get noticed, and everyone will start shooting at you. I'd suggest subduing the lone guard (who's also dancing lol) in the printer room, and shoot the general through the windows. This is because the printer room is nearest to the school's exit, making it easy to make a dash out of the place. Funniest kill in this DLC.
  15. The game has a weird way to tracking whether an opportunity is done. You can use the menu tracker to start any opportunity, but you must ensure that you follow the instructions throughout, and complete them in sequence to get a credit. It's possible that you may have started the first step of an opportunity, missed a step, but somehow complete the opportunity accidentally (trust me, it's entirely possible). The opportunity will show as completed, but it'll not be added to the achievement count. On the other hand, if you don't actually use the in-game menu to start the opportunity tracking, and end up completing one anyhow, it'll count for the achievement even though you may may miss some steps along the way. For example, in "Private Meeting", the tracker will point you to the bunch of guards talking about Decker near the front level exit, before asking you to go to the garden bar to talk to Decker. If you track the opportunity, you must go to the cars to listen to the conversation before you talk to Decker. However, if you don't track it, you can go straight to Decker, talk to him, and lead him to the pavilion for the opportunity to count for the achievement. There are eight opportunities: - Rare Scoop - 15 Seconds of Fame - Lights Out (best done together with 15 Seconds of Fame) - Playing with Fire - A Drink to Die For - Private Meeting - Guest of Honor - Quick Break (best done together with Guest of Honor) Also, opportunities do not require finishing a mission to save, unlike challenges. None of my opportunities have a "tick" on them, and I've the achievement. The best way to track is to call up your achievement menu, and look at the progress meter after you do each one. It should increase by 12% for each opportunity done. For some of them, I quit after the percentage goes up without completing the kills. If you're stuck on a certain percentage, there's not much of a choice but to redo them by using the in-mission menu, calling up opportunities, and using the tracker. Make sure every step is done. Watch the achievement meter after each one, and hope it goes up. Make use of the various starting points in the planning screen to make things easier (Undercover at AV Center is one of my favorites - the disguise is good for many places, and makes doing the opportunities so much quicker). Good luck.
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