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  1. Looking to boost the Final Stand achievements as well as ceiling collapse kill on metro and kill a copter with an AA Mine. Happy to help people with anything they need in return. Add me and drop a message - GT: DJjiggins
  2. Looking for 3 people to do whole campaign on Sniper Elite difficulty tomorrow the 3rd or the 4th add me DJjiggins if your interested
  3. Need 3 people who fancy a run through on Sniper Elite. GT: DJjiggins
  4. Looking for a few people to boost I'm Dynamite assignment will help with any achievements needed in return add me and drop me a message if your interested Gamertag: DJjiggins
  5. Right guys I'm getting tiered of joining games were people don't start the lobby or leave. I've only just started playing online and if anyone fancies a good sesh on MP hit me up gamer tag: DJjiggins
  6. Just got this think its to do with the collision ratio, host multiplayer jam session with a mate set it to the following: Landrush, 5 rounds, either Morocco map go to advance setting and turn the damage badges on and race without crashing, any more help message my gamertag, DJjiggins
  7. OK guys ive finaly completed the mission my tactic in the end was; DEFEND SHIP ONE ONLY! Capture the base on the grass and build 3 production buildings 2 reactors a barracks and vechial bay ASAP build 3 scorpians then 4 wolverines then 3 cobras deply cobras round one and put wolverines to the north of the ship then wall off the route the enemy attack with scorpians In the end i also managed to buy ODSTS and when the enemey got the turret that fires across the map i'd loose a unit and drop some troops anymore help message me on xbox 'Mission completed by DJjiggins and Tactical Ken'
  8. any more tips or tactics i appreciate the help guys
  9. well its random if the spartans do anything because the computer controls them im finding that hunters and banshees are ridiculous
  10. so max out defence on 1 with marines
  11. this mission is impossible ive been trying this for a while now but still no luck my tactic on Co-op is to just protect 2 with hornets and wolverines but it hasnt worked does anyone know a better method of completing this mission on legendary if you have a good method and don't mind helping me on co-op my GamerTag: DJjiggins
  12. anyone want to boost the MP achievements add me gamertag = DJjiggins
  13. ok i would be very greatful if someone can tell me how to get willy builder to destroy the wall which is blocking the Arocknid
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