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  1. you still around at all?

  2. Not bad. I'm living in Florida right now, while working for Disney. I'm about to leave though, I've been here for four months, and I leave for Chicago on January 7th (which is the day I need to be out of my Florida apartment).


    I've been a little more active on the site more towards the end. I've been gaming like crazy, as I've gotten over 15 games for the Xbox since I've been down here, however, my GS hasn't really skyrocketed much, since I've just been casually playing on my days off when I have nothing else better to do.


    The site seems to have died down quite a bit in terms of good active members, which is always a shitty thing, but other than that, not much has really changed at all. What have you been up to?

  3. For looks the Delorean DMC 12 is one of the coolest cars out there, but, it's a piece of junk. Since it's made with stainless steel and it has a whopping 140 BHP, the thing is about as fast as a John Deere. I would LOVE to get a DMC 12, gut it, and throw in a crazy V8 or V10 from an old pickup truck and make that thing fly if I could. For me, my dream car is the 2011 Mercedes G55 AMG in black. Sexiest and most badass truck on the market, it flies down the road and just looks absolutely stunning. With the AMG V8, it has 500+ HP... Crazy. http://www.auto123.com/09photo/mercedes/gclass5dr-g55amg.jpg I mean like, come on, you can't beat that.
  4. Hey loser. I'm back for my bi-annual "check-on-the-site-that-used-to-be-my-life" visit. I think you're the only person I can talk to on here, since everyone else is gone and/or the site has changed. The mods probably (definitely) still hate me, but I remembered my login information so I'm here.


    How have things been?

  5. Never. As a film buff, I intend to keep it that way. New age films now-a-days suck... hard. The last movie I spent money to go see in theaters was Inception and my god was that the crappiest special effects orgy I have ever seen. Everyone walked out of the theater whispering to their friends OMG! Lyk what a mindf*ck!!11!1!. In reality, the movie was the typical Christopher Nolan piece of crap filler that lured audiences with a nice cast list and a good trailer. I have Netflix. Best fifteen bucks a month anyone will half a brain for film can spend and I can watch whatever film whenever I want. In the past decade it is rare that an actual good film goes big in the theaters, most are glossed over and then discovered by a few critics years later and then raved about for decades to come. Movie theaters and Hollywood have truly ruined cinema for what it's supposed to be -- a creative, stimulating and artistic outlet that anyone can explore. Yet it has turned into a "who's who" and "who can spend the most money" game where all people enjoy are big explosions, boobs and guns. Movies have turned viewers into children, it's pathetic. /end rant


  7. For sure dude!

  8. Smooth, friend got suspended for that. Anyway I have you on my list hit me up when you get MW2.

  9. It was for paraphernalia and possession of Marijuana.


    I have yet to throw down money for Modern Warfare 2, but I will eventually.

  10. Nice bro, I am afraid to ask for what. I think I may still have you added on XBL, if not re-add me... Im about to go pre order MW2 and AC2, I am sure we can play together soon.

  11. Not bad, I got arrested last night though! :)

  12. Vista


    Well probably any of you looking here don't remember me at all, and the ones who do probably want to forget knowing me. Just checking in to see how the site has been, I haven't been on Xbox at all due to intense schoolwork, but will probably over winter break for some intense MW2 action. If I know you, and you want to chat message me and I can shoot you my new AIM and Facebook. -Vista
  13. Hey man what's up? I haven't been on here in forever. How you been holding up?

  14. Yes my name is ironic. And yeah i was long awaiting doubleTwist, I downloaded it the first day. Dosn't sync my iTunes so I have to manually add music which is just a pain, and it does not show up as clean as an iPod, but I love the Storm over the iPhone so I will make do.
  15. Yeah I will be on MW2 for a while, as long as school work doesn't kill me.


    Im doing this thing called the IB Diploma for my next two and final years of High School, which is just a ridiculous amount of work, but I heard it is worth it.


    I will find time though :p

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