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  1. Looking for someone to help with all the online achievements! I don't have the DLC so I just need help with the basic ones. My gamertag is Shofizzler so send me a message and a friend request if you want to boost! I leave for college on the 18th but I'll be back for breaks to boost then!
  2. I like Banjo Tooie more (except for Grunty Industries of course), but that seems to be just me.
  3. Some of the windows on the outside of the Mansion can be broken so check them all. I think I had the same problem as you, so just double check them all...
  4. My favorite was Click Clock Wood or Freezeezy Peak. Least favorite was a tie between Rusty Bucket Bay and Clanker's Cavern.
  5. I saw that too. No idea what it is. So I am just considering my 50 achievements with 1000G a 100%
  6. A couple days ago I was having trouble connecting to play with my friend and decided to restart my system to see if that would help. Upon signing in everything was wiped clean in NFS Hot Pursuit. Time to start leveling up again...
  7. I'm having trouble too. You just have to be careful and watch out for non-racers everywhere you go so that you don't hit them.
  8. Definitely a step up from the recent Need for Speed games (excluding shift). The focus in this is shifted from customization (most wanted, carbon, undercover, etc...) to just pure racing and cop pursuits. Definitely worth the money.
  9. The combat missions were the reason I quit playing this game. Everything else was easy, but the combat missions just hax so bad.
  10. If you can just find the Riddler's maps he left around, they are not hard to figure out yourself. Only had to look 2 of them up.
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