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  1. I had the blight wolf. Didn't get anything.
  2. Could it be something like , kill a certain amount of your own guys or hire a certain amount.
  3. I just completed it , very short. Not sure about the secret achievements though. I killed 10 civilians. And i think i did the burn everything down quest. But got nothing for that. So i've no idea. Had an idea. Maybe you have to take your first recruit with you right to the end.
  4. Do you find it pretty dumb that you don't have to actually go through the gates?
  5. Just started my 2nd playthrough on Hardcore. And my team mates seem to stand in the way of enemy rockets and die alot? Even though i command them to safe locations , they go out of cover and continue to attack whilst getting continuously killed my rockets. They also seem to be standing where the enemy spawns after certain points and dying almost right away. How do you stop them from doing them. I'm on the first Mordin mission turning the fans on. Thankyou.
  6. I think it's bad when you take one persons comment so personally, that you spend time looking through their gamercard to prove a point.
  7. Lot of love for Miranda. I tended to stick with Samara and Zaeed for my missions.
  8. Hello, long story short, im from the UK and i work nights. Just looking for someone to play with in the evenings. 12am till around 10am GMT. Probably only Americans will be up around that time. Just send me a FR. wS Rapture.
  9. Yeah its beginning to like like a valve problem , considering that the party chat and everything else is fine. I hope this doesn't end up like another problem like the crash course not working problem. Thanks for the help.
  10. I'm currently connected via Ethernet. Ping time to london came up as 40 to London. Downloaded 20.2mb and uploads 1.1 All ports for xbox are open on the router too.
  11. If it were the router would it not mess up other online games for me?
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