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  1. A Dead Rising Sequel would be great! My only complaint is that if your going to make survivors in Dead Rising 2 fix the A.I.! I found the hardest part of the game was sheparding the survivors around the mall.
  2. I liked Ben Carmine he was a great character and i literally screamed a long nooooo when he died. Hopefully they'll put another Carmine in Gears Of War 3 and wont kill him off!
  3. This is a incredibaly helpful guide to get all the collectibles. Thank you so much.
  4. Rusty Bucket Bay is definantly the worst level in the game. But they are all excellent well designed levels.
  5. I like how you changed the text from bright red to a darker blue. I dont know who recommened that switch but it's much easier on the eyes and still stands out on the page.
  6. Agreed my second favourite level was Mad Monster Mansion
  7. My favourite level is the game is Freezey Peak.
  8. You can add this to the guide for what you get out of stop and swop crates for the pink egg you get fluffy dice.
  9. You fail at every game especially Rock Band specifically on the drums. :woop:

  10. Yu suck at every game what is wrong with you :p

  11. What r u doin???!!!!!!! MY GUIDE GOT STICKIED I WINNNNNN

  12. I'll have it plz. my gamertag is BLOODZCHEF
  13. Lol that was the good old days when rare was still making fantastic games for the N64 but im fine with us bieng in private chat it saves time to me going all the way over to your house
  14. Lol Rare writes some funny shit in all of thier games
  15. I dont see what your talking about im watching the videos now and the quality seems okay to me. I can see whats going on and all of them have helped me to earn their respective achievements.
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