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  • Birthday 04/12/1991

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    Yoshi Kobayashi

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    Born in The Land Of The Rising Sun. Fan of anime,mang,JrRpg's,and Japanese music. <( ^_^ )^
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    West Side Tokyo to Boston Mass
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    Video games, Shrine Maiden,Reading,and cooking
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  1. I voted yes and got my tank at lvl 25. I have a good paying job so i don't care.
  2. Anyone up for bike and sports car wins to unlock upgrades? Gt: Yoshi Kobayashi
  3. edit: I got achievement. I don't have the game anymore.
  4. If anyone is still boosting in this game please add me!!! GT:Yoshi Kobayashi
  5. Edit:I got the achievements thanks to ABJ57!!!
  6. If anyone needs a achievement partner for this game please add me. GT:Yoshi Kobayashi i have all dlc for this game.
  7. Edit: Got the co op achievements. Don't need a partner.
  8. Edit: I got the achievement thanks to "Biolinked"
  9. Anyone need online achievements like "keep from distance"? Gt:Yoshi Kobayashi
  10. I'm looking for a sparton ops partner for the "no one left behind" achievement. Gt: Yoshi Kobayashi
  11. Does anyone want to boost the assassin commendation? I have 4 controllers. GT:Yoshi Kobayashi
  12. Please watch this [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkwRJz1-2Qg]Sonic Free Riders Review - Outright Broken! - YouTube[/ame]
  13. I need a helping hand getting this achievement.( '_' ) GT:Yoshi Kobayashi
  14. Achievement wise pocketbike racer. But sneak king was funny.
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