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  1. It was obvious that e boards wouldn't be the same for everyone. clearing the board with the 3 daily tickets is real easy (premium you get 3 tickets) without premiun you only get 1 so obviously you can't clear the board. Anyway best tactic IMO it's to not clear things unless you have to. Write down what each box is. If your first ticket shows 25 tokens and 20 credits. Then your second ticket you see 5 tokens, 20 credits. Do not waste your 3rd token taking those 20 credits scout the board for more info. Further to this if you see find out where the 25 token pair is. Don't take it until the last day when your daily login bonus is maxed. Then if you've scouted the board enough use your tickets to take the pairs you want. (The tokens, the grand prize, maybe even the 250 credits) then save the other tickets if you have any left over for the next weeks board. 20 credits even at X4 is not worth wasting a ticket on IMO
  2. There are some limitations a fighter game probably being the most difficult to make but given enough dedication Id say everything is possible. Just something's would require exceptional skill and time. As for the paywall I had more than enough fun in the base package. The starter pack is great value and opens up a lot of the paid content and play enough you'll unlock a lot of the rest for free. Some people havn't spent a penny on the game and own everythibg. B I spent about £40 on the game (and brand new retail game in UK is about £45). And have played well over 800 hours so for me value for money is exceptional. But j chose to spend that money Id have almost all the content for free even if I didnt.
  3. Actually the events of the red wedding are not shown or described in the game you have no idea what Ia happening there unless you have seen the show. No characters are named or seen and we have no idea what is even going in in the Twins. I though it was well done and the game was spoiler free.
  4. Gonna try out a few of these tonight. And honestly the 100 plays in 1 day is luck. And you are probably more likely to get it by making an actual game base on something popular than a boosting level. These boosting levels annoy the prebuilt community and they actively downvote / ignore them. A few do get by though
  5. There is a default follower brain. In the brain gallery out that into the follower you wish to use and tweak it to your liking. The models made in pokemon and similar things are made by attaching objects to an invisible character. If you go in and edit a level you can see these things
  6. Basically just though people can advertise their games here. I'll start. My best to Worst "Eternal Fantasy (JRPG)". Turn based final fantasy combat system "Heroes of astora". A action RPG earn followers by completing quests "Hunger games". An arena hunt down the other 23 contestants "UI assistant". A tool for helping make custom user interfaces "Zombie cave of horrors". A resident evil ish style game with zombies and caves "Character showcase". Shows of some of my characters I have created "Super goblin bros". A 3d platformer "Age of spark". A resource management game with a hint of tower defense
  7. buying the starter pack is a HUGE saving. it also comes with premium which doubles credit and xp game. play enough in that month and you will likely get most of the DLCs that you dont get in the pack for free
  8. You don't download games as such you don't save them you basically just load the game they aren't saved anywhere and can't be deleted. And as far as I am aware each play is a download so I think the same person can add loads of downloads to a game. Also you start with only 3 upload slots you need to pay for extras. That's in the base free game anyway. The retail release comes with a month of premium but don't think that gets you extra slots
  9. I am part of the preview programme. Thanks that must be it. Just rather annoying because as of late is has been literally every second day
  10. Over the past 2 weeks every second day I have had a console update and it just doesn't seem right wondering if everyone is getting this many updates or there is a problem with my consoles updates.
  11. First zombie I killed have me a carrot also got potatoes some how real early aswell.
  12. Overkill - deal 9 hearts of damage in a strike So I got this with a diamond sword which I gave Smite 3 (extra damage to undead mobs) At an anvil Then simply hit a skeleton. If you brewed a strength potion aswell it would be even easier or maybe only require smite 1-2
  13. I also had two forts in on massive and didn't find any chests. Another bug I got was my nether portals didn't link up right so the when travelling back through it makes a new portal pretty dam far from my home base
  14. Finally found one but it spawned over a chasm so there is two half buildings lots of gravel and a farm. Maybe 5 villagers and it is in the uppermost left corner of my world right near map border. This I crazy And yeah I also stumbled across a few wells yay wells
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