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  1. Not so much on consoles, but some of my favorite games on PC were Bethesda's SeaDogs and Pirates of The Caribbean, a series now morphed into Age of Pirates. Just a lot of free-roaming ship-to-ship combat RPG goodness. And so far (I'm still in the opening section though) I haven't had a lot of trouble in fights; Haytham seems to rip the redcoats to shreds. I'm a little confused as to why they keep attacking me though; like all the AC games, it's getting a little annoying. I don't see any kind of notoriety gauge or whatever, so I've no way of knowing whether or not each soldier I pass is going to attack me.
  2. Well that's going to annoy me. The first game was a little clunky, sure. But Brotherhood perfected the art of ass-kicking, with the introduction of kill-chains and the ability to simply kick an annoying heavy in the nuts. Revelations was good, once you got started, but the beginning of every fight was a bit dicey, especially in missions where you had to try not to take any damage, since the lock-on system really didn't work well at all. I usually had to strike out at the enemy first before Ezio would get into a defensive stance, and all too often he would drop back into walking mode and take a couple sword blades to the kisser. I'm a ways behind on AC games; I've been trying for the past month or so to make it through all of them before Black Flag came out, since I love sailing games.. I almost made it on time.
  3. So.. I've been playing Assassin's Creed games all along, assuming I'm getting an interesting history lesson from people who did a lot of homework in setting up scenes and locations. So don't play this game in a cranky mood if you've been reading Patrick O'Brian and/or know anything about ships. In the first hour, it feels like I'm playing in some Errol Flynn pirate movie from 1940-- it's cool and all, but it makes no sense: *On a clear day, no one notices the ship following us until it's within cannon range.. *I offer my services as a fighter to the captain, and he tells me to fuck off and stay below. *Aforementioned captain has sailed the seas for years, but I have to force him at knife-point to sail into a simple storm. *We raise Boston, and Haytham cries out some shit like, "What the hell do you mean 'we're here'? all I can see is this damned fog." <mfw ships are visible on the horizon from miles away, a merchant crew needs all the help it can get in a fight, storms come up all the time and sailors just ride them out routinely, and OF COURSE YOU CAN'T SEE THE FUCKING LAND, YOU TWAT; YOU'RE IN THE FOG. For the sake of nit-picking, I'll barely mention that the Providence has huge spacious platforms in place of crosstrees, and that only whalers really have crow's nests. Sorry for being a silly bitch; couldn't resist. I do hope Black Flag pays a little more attention to details though.
  4. I concur, your excellency. Not for the same reasons, however; Revelations was my least favorite so far simply because they fucked with the controls when nothing needed fixing, and ended up fucking everything up. The game's story didn't annoy me much, and I hope this one's won't, but I also hope they've fixed the bugs Revelations had. Also, why the hell did every single person in Revelations have gold eyes?
  5. Money hasn't been a problem in any of the AC games so far; you might be a little short at the beginning, but as long as you keep buying property (and in this one, taking over cities) you'll be fine. I find it hard to believe that you actually found nothing else to bitch about. The combat lock-on is terrible, and a few of the missions are needlessly frustrating as hell.
  6. Also, fuck that whole mission; that was bullshit. Abbas is standing right in front of me, I'm holding the fucking apple, and "oh shit, we have to escape"? Escape? Why the fuck would Altair do that? Didn't these people play the first game? On the way out I kill about a hundred assholes; why the fuck am I running from Abbas? Oh yeah, to make the game unnecessarily longer.
  7. Help, for fuck's sake. I can't complete the mission A New Regime because my idiot son is running around like a fucking maniac, and as I try to keep up with him this assassin comes jumping down from the buildings above, and the game autotargets him long before I can actually kill him. While Altair's staring at this assassin like a goddam idiot, he slows down, his idiot son runs off to god knows where, and the mission is failed: "Ally lost." Fuck this. Fuck this game. Fuck the people who made it.
  8. I've just now picked up this game in my rush to get thru the AC games I never played, in preparation for Black Flag, and this is the problem I'm having. Basically, it's shit. For some reason they decided to break a perfectly working system, between the Y button, the weapon wheel, and the targeting. Now when I get in fights, Ezio gets whacked a couple times like a twit before he starts blocking. Can anyone tell me if the newer games have the same shitty system, or did Ubisoft realize they fucked up and go back to the old ways?
  9. So.. I assume this is just how the game works? or, more correctly, doesn't work. I guess it's possible, since they've suddenly decided the weapon wheel and the need to be changed. Fuck, I hate it when they change things that aren't broken. Can anyone tell me if it's the same for ACIII and, God forbid, Black Flag?
  10. Maybe something's wrong with my game; I hope to God they didn't change the blocking system for this game for no goddam reason. Whenever guards rush at me in an Assassin's Creed game (i.e. every game prior to this one), I hit the left trigger to target a guard, then hold down the right trigger to block and prepare to counter. In this game, so far, for some unknown reason, Ezio does jack shit when I hit/hold the right trigger. He'll stand there like a doofus and get clobbered no matter how many times I try to target or block. I have to manually draw my weapon using the d-pad, then maybe-- MAYBE-- the targeting might work, allowing me to block, although usually I still have to get hit a couple times before anyone is targeted. What the fuck, Ubisoft?
  11. Well, I'm really late to this party. My first questions as I started playing this game were, "Why the fuck would they change the controls?" It's been the same for three games, and suddenly Eagle Vision is a stick click and shooting is Y. Also, Ezio seems incapable of targeting an enemy or begin blocking. All previous games, if you pull both triggers, Altair/Ezio would bring out his weapon in a blocking stance. In this game, I have to hit the attack button first or some stupid shit before he'll start blocking.
  12. I was WTFing the first couple tries on this mission-- then I remembered I have smoke bombs: drop one in front of each wheel and just run clear of all the troops in between.
  13. Speaking of races, the Malpractice mission for the Courtesans is pissing me off right at the moment; I'd swear it's impossible.
  14. Mind, I'm not really bitching; I'm just trying to figure out how the fuck this works. I've just now started playing this game in my process of catching up before Black Flag comes out (I have like two more weeks to play through Revelations and AC3-- this oughta be fun), and I'm quite a bit lost in Manhunt. I'm getting pursuers on me before I even spawn, and even when I can see my pursuer coming (by his actions, even though he's not revealed as red yet) there's not a whole lot I can do except hope the game lets me stun him. Is there a pretty steep curve in this game as far as experience and equipment? In other words, can I expect to get my ass handed to me early on? Because so far I'm a babe in the woods here. For example, I'm often getting two pursuers on my tail, with two other people competing for my target.. not a lot of hope in getting anything done, especially when I'm apparently spawning in view of my pursuers, since I'll get killed within a few seconds by the same guy three times in a row. I know it sounds like bitching, but I'm really just confused.
  15. The problem with Texas Hold'em is that people don't really have good or bad hands.. at least, not until they see at least the flop. And then, their opinion of a good hand might still be less than yours. I pretty quickly gave up on trying to read any reactions in this game. In short? Texas Hold'em is poker for simpletons; hardly any strategy. Five card draw is a much more interesting game.
  16. There's the rules right thar.... Read. Read. I couldn't have said it better. I would've said it a bit nicer, but I couldn't have said it better.
  17. P1TTMAN


    I just had to bitch loud enough.. I could never get enough intel to survive this part. Before this checkpoint, I had just run through the previous area like the guide suggested, so I ended up with a shitload of guys on the other side of the door, shooting me through the door at the checkpoint. I finally figured out that if I killed them through the door with the MEVDAK, I could get a pretty high multiplier and thus get enough intel to be able to at least use a pulse wave, plus all the guys killed by my mines dropped the green intel, so I had enough to stay alive and get through this bitch of a room.
  18. THIS. Easy as stealing a baby made of candy.
  19. P1TTMAN


    Nope, sorry; none of these hints help at all. Maybe something's wrong with my game, but this is motherfucking impossible.
  20. This was a bitch the first couple times (hence my coming to this thread ) but I got lucky somehow or there was some kind of glitch-- one of the trolls died really fast, and then it was easy to keep the other one interested. The sappers were easy enough as Andriel by standing where the ballistae used to be; when they started coming from both sides, I moved to the front middle and turned around facing the stairs, shooting the goblins in the back as they ran for the doors.
  21. Just hit 60, and saw another proof that it remembers: when I glitched the General, I also glitched Lara just for the hell of it. When I hit 60 just now, Lara was already paid for.
  22. Also, the hogs on the beach give you more xp than the deer.
  23. There aren't that many QTEs as the game progresses, but there are those run/escape sequences where you have to dodge shit at the right times; those are in all the old Tomb Raider games too (at least the ones I played). What this game is lacking in is the puzzles-- these are pretty easy. That doesn't bother me personally though. Much more combat than the old ones.
  24. Ah thanks. Incidentally-- am I giving it the wrong upgrades, or is the compound bow a piece of shit? I used it for a couple matches, and I'm going back to the recurve. It draws too slow, reloads too slow, and doesn't do any more damage than the recurve. Edit: not that it's going to matter in a couple more levels.
  25. That sounds good, except I think you'd be better off using the perk that doubles your salvage. The extra sprint time really doesn't make that big a difference.
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