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  1. I was 2 mph off until I watched this video and seen how he was doing the corners. Crushed it on the first try.
  2. When in the build menu, go all the way to the right to the Raider option, then Resources. Build an amp, Nuka world transmitter, booze still, and a pick me up station. Those got me from 94% to 100%.
  3. I've been saving my Bing Rewards money and along with a gift card I plan on getting: AC Unity Halo 5, DD ed. Just Cause 3 with the DLC I been playing Halo 5 this weekend but I'm only half way thru the story. I've been sucked in by the MP. Anyway I'll revisit the list off and on this week.
  4. I found 1-3 to be good but the start of 4 nearly put me to sleep. So much blah blah blah. Thankfully 4 ended with a great cliff hanger but then 5 just didn't seem to pick up much steam and I was happy to be done with the game.
  5. I wonder if you have to get the free copy from a different place then the store. If it wasn't free, I would buy it for sure at half off.
  6. Trying to play for the first time tonight and I'm getting "there was an authentication issue connecting to the world, 0x0121". So, this blows.
  7. According to the official forum, there has been no fixes. Dev has pretty much abandoned the game or so it appears. Their twitter is dead.
  8. Cost 350 for me and after one strike they leave 60% hp left. You got some explaining to do.
  9. I don't want the achievements to be annoying to get but would of been nice had they done a 250g. Add achievements for killing so many robots, making a robot with so much damage or storage. I mean just throw out some basic things, the bums. I think there should of been a mission near the end where you had to build like 5-10 robots and then have a large battle in a open area. I can't believe it took them this many months to make such a small scale dlc.
  10. I built for storage. I love having a walking storage of 460lbs.
  11. It was the last one in eps 2 of Minecraft Story Mode.
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