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  1. If you were looking for Confringo it was a book, hidden on the level. use (B) and it will lead you to it.
  2. I just retuned my Kinect, however, the game it's self is very frustrating. I found that Kinect didn't always see what I was doing, which really P***ed me off to be honest, only 7 more sodding missions to do and I can ignore Kinect for this game.
  3. Looking for Coop partners, i am at level 3 but could do more if poeple needed them F1 Ferrari
  4. Looking for boosting partner to kill off this game as I just noticed I didn't finish it, so if your willing for the work, add me and we'll get started as soon as.
  5. Looking for an active pro club F1 Ferrari GMT Skill learning football, I'm more a motor sport man than football, but I do at least 7.2 a match now and increasing.
  6. Be nice to see your times as well pinned, nice work on the 100% numb fingers spring to mind lol I will attempt this soon, just busy at the moment.
  7. Looking for online boosts in the next few days as this is my next conquest. add me, but let me know what it's for as I get all sorts of requests, I don't mind 360a but well you know what I mean.
  8. Nice lap times, very closely matched with my own times, I think it's good to see similar lap-times.
  9. for me it's the cockpit view, apart from drifting then I will use the chase cam so i can keep an eye on my drift.
  10. Looking for online achievements have none, not picked up the game in a while and didn't do much when I got it outa the wrapper. any help would be appreciated, as always feel free to add me.
  11. I'm looking for online matches, add me and we'll get them ranks together.
  12. Now have the achievement. thanks.
  13. Hi all, i know this is a very old game, and the board is pretty dead too, but i need the stunt achievement tried clearing the cache and using a second controller to no avail, if anyone could help I'd be very grateful. msg me on live it'll only take a couple of mins thanks.
  14. f1ferrari

    sprint mode

    it was part of the patch, but seems to have carried over to sprint mode, you'll notice the moment you take damage it will tell you to come in, but your further notice no difference in handling, still feels like it's on rails. so just ignore.
  15. always remember to mix it up between cruise to fast, I tend to use fast on straights to get that extra bit of speed then go down to cruise on twisty sections and standard for general straights works for me.
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