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  1. It installs episode 1 and the season pass off disc. No DLC code for the SP. in game it says purchased but not installed or something of that nature. Then when you go to download it, it brings you to the store where it charges you $4.99 or whatever your native currency is for Episode 2.
  2. I forgot you were a troll at first, but then I remembered reading your previous attempt to "zing" me. Your name stuck out because of how lame it is that you refer to yourself as "cool kid." I also guess you're incredibly ugly since you use your avatar on your facebook page. Here are the two posts where you attempted to troll me:



    You're an ugly little douche. Don't ever change.

  3. Hey guys, after 2 recently failed projects in the past year or so with podcasts, none of which were my doing, I've decided to start my own project where I have total control over the success it has. Everything is still a work in progress and the site is still far from complete, at least in my vision, but I was looking for some feedback and possibly some dedicated team members to help out with some future projects and ideas I may have. CoolKidGaming.com Anyone looking to contact me here or: GT: CoolKidJoe Facebook: facebook.com/ckjfacts Twitter: twitter.com/coolkidjoexbl or twitter.com/ckjradio Don't be afraid to send me a message if you have any interest.
  4. Yea I know, I've been using an iPhone lately for an Internet device and it's not easy to update the list with one. You see I broke my laptop while trying to buy Warriors Orochi 3 China for Xbox One (I put my fist through the screen) so once I get a new Desktop/Laptop I'll update everything.
  5. There's a new version of Warriors Orochi 3, pretty sure it's Chinese Xbox One. Just waiting for some confirmation. And does anyone happen to know if there's physical Chinese games or are they all digital?
  6. I'm aware of both The Crew, Geo Wars and Halo. I don't update them until the games actually release.
  7. Dragon Age has Japanese text but the game itself is in English
  8. I'll add this one once the Garruk's Revenge DLC releases on 360.
  9. yea I'm just waiting for both games to come out before I update ot
  10. If you guys post it, I typically just copy and paste. I'll also add notes here and there as I see fit.
  11. I would but I just want to wait until the games typically release just so I don't have to go back and delete them like with situations like Phantom Breaker. I'll keep updating them as they release if that's ok with everyone.
  12. I'd totally be willing to do it if not for the astronomical price it'd cost for a maybe. If the console was a little cheaper, I'd definitely take the risk.
  13. Duck Dynasty is going to be such a gem, I can't wait. But anyways, where's The Walking Dead? Figured it would have shown up by now.
  14. Yea that one slipped under the radar with me trying to think of what I bought on Tuesdays
  15. Thanks, I'll update it when we get a confirmed second list.
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