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  1. I kinda want to knock out the final achievement. Reaching General. I just got the game again on XB1 and lost all my data from my 360 years ago. So I am starting over from 0. Anyone want to help? GT: DefHalan
  2. I would be interested. I haven't played Halo Wars for YEARS and only have 1 achievement to go (but all my data is gone, so I am starting from 0)
  3. Every time I try to play online I cannot find any matches. Is anyone still playing this or atleast wants to get the last of Multiplayer Achievements with me? I need Full Throttle Scramble Power!, Ultimate Menasor, Headmaster!, King of the Scrap Heap, and What Prime Directives?
  4. I am willing to help anyone with any achievements but I need to complete 2 campaigns on expert. I don't know which ones but I am thinking they are The Parish and Hard Rain.
  5. Just need Chaos Generator. I have 2 controllers but just need 1 person. GT= DefHalan
  6. Looking to boost General Rank. Online most of the day. When in Netflix most likely it is my gf but other than that it is me. GT= DefHalan
  7. Just confirming DLC does work for achievement
  8. If you need the online achievements let me know. I need all of them GT= DefHalan
  9. I used the deep freeze. You only need to use the 2 mods. Freeze then knife kill. Do damage. Got it fairly quick
  10. I am using Toxic Gas and it only has 2 feats, not counting the one to finish all feats. Damage and uses. Damage I got in less than a day. Uses Im still working on but its only day 2. I haven't gotten the achievement yet but as long as the DLC isn't glitch this will work and be the quickest Gadget or Support Item Feats to complete.
  11. As someone that visits the site often but doesn't post a lot I found this argument funny. Who cares if someone reposted info? If he has a video to show me it is easier for me to find it in a new post. If they posted it in a old thread then i wouldn't have seen it. I am not using the glitch so it wouldn't have bothered me any way but with other games I love new threads with videos. Thank you for making a new thread. Didn't use the video but I would have never seen it if you put it in a old thread.
  12. need 25 online matches. message me if you want to get this too. GT=DefHalan
  13. looking to boost exp for running the show. also maybe some help for legendary. GT=DefHalan
  14. Im on PC looking to boost almost all achievements GT=DefHalan
  15. Whenever you are looking to boost online achievements with other community members, we ask that you post in the Achievement Trading Thread. Every game has its own achievement trading thread stuck at the top of its respective forum. If you're posting to say that you are going to setup a boosting party, that you need a boosting partner or that you're willing to help people get their achievements in co-op or otherwise, all of these should go in the Achievement Trading Thread. The following threads (or any variation) are all examples of threads that should not be made, but instead just throw a post in the Achievement Trading thread. Boosting party up now! Boost party on Friday at 8 Looking for co-op partner Looking for boosting buddy Help with Online Achievements? In the future, please refrain from making any new threads related to achievement trading. If you have further questions about the forums I encourage you to read our rules here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/f...d.php?t=180508 or our x360a FAQ here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/f...d.php?t=167906 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!
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