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  1. Habitso

    buying a ring

    so i find that every single shop only sells one item?? how do i buy a ring..
  2. I successfully managed to get xbox live through an ethernet cable with my last laptop. That one was stolen, and I have a new one now but I find that the DNS settings let me down somehow. I've tried all different combinations in all internet guides but I have no idea what to do now, Saturday morning it didn't work but Saturday night it worked with the same settings as in the morning. Now it isn't working again today. Any help on secure definite DNS settings to enter? ty for anyone who actually helps
  3. Habitso

    Xbox Exclusives

    google and wikipedia are your friends http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_games_exclusives_%28seventh_generation%29
  4. jack was a whiny little woman but as soon as you start playing as him he appears a bit more badass, i was angry at first too
  5. Social networking is so stupid, it lets people do things and say things they would never in real life without thinking about their actions. But sometimes theres a laugh or two on it which is the reason I stay on facebook.
  6. with sims 3 for PC you can change how long the lives will be, the max is 960 days. But your sims will have children and grow up and have children and you play as their children, like the story progresses. But there could be an option to stop aging. I was talking to the other guy sorry dude
  7. lol, of course they can. guessing you've never really played a proper sims game before? :L :L
  8. meeh, they rounded it up for all the main characters and most of the main things were done. I'm happy with it, I know a lot of people are and a few people won't be but thats how a lotof tv shows are, not everyones happy.
  9. lool, i was reading a book the other day and there were two people in a house and there was a 'powercut'. Then a window smashed and they found a brick with the message "LOOK UPSTAIRS" attached to it. That freaked me out. Also the fact that the fusebox was a metre from were they were was pretty scary too. I think thats psycological, its definitely not gore.
  10. made a fail thread fail more. thats sometimes the deal if you play a game constantly for two days, you have to take breaks, go outside perhaps.
  11. i hope it does, vice city was a great game. the games on demand version of san andreas barely works anyway :/ although san andreas was greaat
  12. in one mission you ride in a car a bit but another guy drives it. thats it.
  13. Fallout 3, Fable 2, Splinter cell conviction, God father 2, Red dead redemption (kinda), Assassins creed 2 (kinda), Saints row 2
  14. What do they have on them? I never looked
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