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  1. Usually I only play Treyarch's titles (IW is the worst) but gave Sledge a chance and I was pleasantly surprised. Many many connection issues but I don't mind. It's getting better. Adding War mode was a really good move. Doesn't track KD or other bullshit so it's just sit back and relax game mode. This is actually the first COD where I'm thinking about buying the season pass. Probably not due to high cost but I'm considering it because of War-mode.
  2. Great game with insanely big map. But I don't feel like an assassin when playing this (this feeling disappeared as early as after AC2). I was hoping they'd bring this back. There isn't any cool ways to deal with your targets. For example blending to a crowd and quickly poison stab your target. There's just no room for creativity and that bugs me. It's either hidden blade to the neck or self controlled predator arrow to the head. Nothing random is happening in this huge playing ground. Like thieves or wife beaters (was really satisfying to beat these fuckers to the ground with bare fists) from previous games. Anyway I'm enjoying my time. But not a perfect game.
  3. Didn't have any issues myself. Maybe your problem will be solved after transcendence when you lose all relics.
  4. It's not very wise to buy gilds with rubys. If you like the game and gonna play for a while I suggest you to buy 2 auto clickers. There's this ancient which gives you a great amount of more money if you have unassigned auto clickers. Also auto clickers can be used for example leveling your heroes. Every time I ascend I put my auto clicker to level Seer and just let the game play itself. You don't have to put them to click on monsters.
  5. You know what people? Just keep pushing through the first ascension. It's a pain in the ass but after 5 ascensions I get easily over 4 million souls this ascension. And broke easily my zone record. Right now I get 50k-60k souls per primal. Mercenaries were my source of income in the first run. Quests nets you so much gold. I was shocked to see the new patch in action. But when I got those idle ancients I saw the real power of Outsiders.
  6. Can't believe they didn't make changes to for example Warlord's defensive build. It is near impossible to kill a fully geared Warlord. Might apply to Conqueror as well. Revenge mechanics makes this possible. Last night I came across with one these guys and it got me quite angry. [ame= ] [/ame]
  7. Realistic isn't hard at all because of unlimited feat usage. I thought it would be really hard cuz that is what the developers said. But I have completed only Knight and Viking chapters so don't know how Samurai plays out. From my experience Hard and Realistic modes are the same except Realistic doesn't have checkpoints and combat hud (can't see enemies stance). In Realistic difficulty I use healing feat and the one that gives you 45sec unblockable strikes. Can't die and no one can block you so it doesn't matter what stance the enemy is using
  8. I don't see anything wrong with this list. Of course there are a lot of mp cheevos. At least I always thought this game was more PvP focused than SP. Nothing too grindy IMO as well. Probably takes around 1 month casually playing. In fact the hardest achievement might be in SP category Anyway I enjoy this game very much and easily max this game.
  9. Yeah still have this problem too. Deleted and reinstalled both the game and DLC but no effect whatsoever.
  10. I got zero keys for downloading this pack and no mails in my mailbox either. Gonna check it out again tomorrow if there's some sort of delay.
  11. This game runs developers out of business. Haven't heard any positive feedback after beta release. And don't have any on my own either after one game.
  12. Physical copy and old dashboard and I get disconnected after couple of matches. Freaking annoying. Have to boot the game every now and then. Gets annoying when dc hits near the end of a good game. Advanced warfare had this very same issue as I recall.
  13. Nice job! I really wonder why soloing Crota didn't award me with Raider achievement. You can get flawles raider but not raider by completing Crota's End. Sucks
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