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  1. Thanks,though I did do some research before this thread but anything I found didn't really help,bunch of people didn't received their code same as me but basically you just need to wait. Not sure if I'll ever recieve mine as beta start on September 1st on Xbox One.
  2. Hi,I have redeemed my beta code for the xbox one about a week ago and still didnt received anything by email,I just got this screen and nothing after. http://i.imgur.com/nlfd0Sm.png] Will they send the code to everybody the day before the beta starts? Thanks.
  3. So,was playing a 10 events championship for the achievement,starting no problem winning as usual as I set difficutly to "average",then after the third race all of the sudden there's is this one opponnent or two that are increbibly faster than all of the others and can keep up with me in the range of a few meters lead,I mean at a certain point me and this other car were just giving the rest almost 3 laps of disadvantage,I'm pretty certain that that's not how it's supposed to be on this difficulty and didn't even change any option. After this happened I tried to change the difficulty to the lowest "new racer" and still there's always 1 car that can keep up with me and in some instances (off-road) it's quite tough not to let me overtake,anyone had any instaces of the horrible rubber banding?
  4. If anyone still playing this and close to 20M soul memory I'm up for the sunlight medals co-op,GT: VeiRoN v2 All done now.
  5. Yeah I know but I was expecting it people just moved on from this,however I'm up for the sunlight medals,I'm level 275,soul memory 20M,just hit me up if you're interested.
  6. Definitely runs better than previous games for me,didn't notice any stuttering or glitches,overall (just finished Ep.1) it ran smoothly.
  7. Hi,anybody still need the 50k tune and design achievements? If so message me and we can get these done,gamertag VeiRoN v2,thanks.
  8. Well that sucks for us,still 3 days and no update on the issue,they're sure great at story telling but their games have always suffered from poor running,glitches (luckily not game breaking),framerate issues etc.. and they just seem not to do anything to rectify this,see as Batman is affected as well. Hope for a fix soon.
  9. Apparently it's a common problem,season pass is not working with disc,very disappointed....
  10. Hi there,I have the game in disc format,I've completed Episode 1 no problem and should have in theory the episodes 2 to 5 available for free (in-game it says purchased but not downloaded for 2-5 ep.) but when I go and try to download Ep. 2,which should be available from today 20th,from the in-game menu it re-directs me to the store which asks me for additional payment,same thing if I go directly trough the dashboard,anybody having the same happening? Thanks.
  11. Hi,was looking forward to complete this DLC as well since it was free but after reading this thread I don't think I will even bother,is this still impossible to get and are the devs even going to think to patch this? Thanks. 9 people somehow got the Gold achievement on TA.
  12. Will be reading the whole thread soon but I would like to share my misery on here as well,farmed 3 hours the silver knights with 390 item discovery,dropped 5 concord kept,completely broken drop as it stands. Also I was never able to get summoned.
  13. What's your GT? That one comes back as non existent for me,I'm looking for someone to play T-Hunt with for Xp/Kills/Wins,I'm playing on the Bank map and it's pretty easy to beat every time,my GT is VeiRoN v2 if you're interested.
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