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  1. Willing to do any online achievements got a few need the races and free roam mainly will help with any others
  2. A wireless black one is £20 at thehut i have used and is good there are a few discount codes around if you need them i think
  3. just ignore them its not your problem as long as you havent done anything wron you will be fine microsoft check things out and if they are filing complaints against you constantly then microsoft will look at them for the reason they are sending so many
  4. i used to have a 250GB one and the only problem i had is that they do not let you play any downloaded xbox origionals from them as they dont have the bit needed as i wanted to play GTA San Andreas and couldnt so had to get an official one to play it so if you dont want to play xbox origionals then dont but if not go and get one
  5. any achievements will be glad to help as i need all online achievements
  6. will do this one later thanks a lot none of my mates had a clue so now i can look good with the only one with it thanks
  7. i havent had any problems but a friend has who got the casino from marketplace but he deleted it from HDD then redownloaded from download history for you and was fine then
  8. ring them up and get your codes i preordered 2 and only got 1 set of codes and got the second after calling them got the others in 5 mins and sorted so just try calling them
  9. not had any problems on the 250gb or old xbox your internet may have just had a slight problem with the download
  10. you can now redeem this on a UK account as i have done it and if you didn't receive another email with the link you may not be able to get it because you redeemed it on a us account but for people who waited redeem it now (i still have the female one left if anyone wants to try it)
  11. yeah they look a bit more like psn cards now in black and i never noticed that the choice of where to boot ever went missing as I allways booted to dash
  12. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=289669 the second post on there tells you. i have had update too
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