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  1. Looking for a couple of people to play with, only level 10 at the mo and one of my friends plays, but it's lacking with 2 so looking for anyone else to play with. Feel free to send me a message. GT; Killie Bryzo
  2. Been playing this for about an hour and a half or so. Have to say it's one of the worst games I've ever played. Taking the name from the original (Which I loved) I thought it would've been an updated version plus I heard it was a good game. It feels like a stripped down version of Burnout: Paradise. Much like what Medal of Honor from Battlefield reminded me of. Different genres, but the comparison applies. The game feels rushed in every department. No story telling, no personality in your driver or any of the top 10 Most Wanted, no great driving feel, no good graphics. Feels like a bad arcade cartoony racing game... The steering is absolutely terrible. Crashing becomes a pain in the tonsils, trying to evade the police after 20 minutes gets boring. Just feels like a washed out version of what was once a very good game. Feels like the prequel to the original Most Wanted to be honest. From what I've read on this topic so far, someone speaks their OPINION on why they dislike it and a bunch of small minded idiots reply with why they're OPINION is wrong. (Which, by the way, can't happen since opinions are based on person perspective) So before anyone quotes me to say "OMG YOU DUN NO WHAT UR TALKIN BOUT!", please stop. This game is garbage, deal with it.
  3. On my old gamertag, I have every car including every DLC car and a boat load of cash. I'll be starting this game again on my new gamertag and wondered if anyone knows if you can gift cars and/or money quickly? I know you can give away money pretty quickly in the Casino, but I hear that's down. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi,Sorry to trouble you but you always seem to have the answers,can you tell me where i find all the jungle outfit in tdu2,i have just completed all the new bomb missions and collected the wrecks and 2 new cars but cant find the clothes anywhere.Any info would be great.Thanks Peter

  5. What are your online times? I need the Fugitive achievement and will help you with My Club and Me. I'll be online all today & tomorrow.
  6. Let me make sure I understand the question first; Are you asking if you are the President of a club, can you take the donations by leaving the club and use them personally? No. Donations, when made, are for the Club and Club only. That money cannot be retrieved or used for any other purpose other than to buy the 4 cars and upgrade the club. That is it.
  7. I'd like to open the door for someone who is willing to become an Executive in this club. I can't always guarantee my activity and having someone else on board will allow for more recruits to get into the club faster and take some of the load off of myself. If you're interested in becoming an Executive, please fill out the form below and PM me here on the forums. Please do NOT reply to this thread or PM on XBL. ------ Gamertag: Location: Are you in a club?: How often are you online?: Why do you want to become an Executive?: Do you understand the rules of this club?: ------ I'll be looking at the applications over the next few days and will reply to everyone and hopefully this club can run a little bit faster and keep things flowing.
  8. No problem mate, I'm sure there are people that could use some help in the club.
  9. You're down for OBJ too, so having the achievements will not get you a removal. Allow me to take this time to remind everyone that if you're down for Objectives as well as Achievements, only full completion of Objectives will have you removed from the club. Until such times, you are a full and secure Member. Also, please do not feel you can only join this club for the 'Exclusive CarS' achievement. This club is for more than a single achievement. This club is for all Achievements and all Objectives related to clubs. With that said, I'd like everyone who has the achievements and is still to complete the Objectives to keep me informed of your progress so I know you're still active and can keep your place in the club. As always, those who stray from the game for a period of 2 weeks will be removed regardless of their progress.
  10. It'd be a useful way to donate the full amount to a club if people are struggling to get the money for the cars and stuff. Nicely though out idea. The glitches for this game are non-ending...
  11. Hawaii Cup 2 still works, the patch didn't and won't fix it. It's a single player story related glitch meaning a patch won't come out for it. They'd need to alter a lot of stuff and I doubt they'll bother with it.
  12. Not sure if this would work because the server would recognise the Clubs donation, but it would also recognise where it came from, meaning the server would deduct your money instead of your own save game. Although that said, only one way to find out. First off, try doing it with the minimum amount then you'll know if it works.
  13. I'm up for getting the escapes as an outlaw on Friday night with you. As for the arrests, I'll happily sit and get arrested for those as I have them all.
  14. The club will always be going, as I've mentioned a few times, I might be away for a short period but I'll always return. At the moment I work Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays doing 12+ hour shifts, so I don't have time to come on here and update things. Send me a message on XBL about when you're online and I'll get you in. Messaging me on XBL is the quickest way to get a reply. That goes for everyone with a question.
  15. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=300350
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