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  1. I don't know if it's been officially announced yet but Take Two's line up shows the House of Pain will be released Feb 17, so they're churning out the Showcases now! Finally, we'll all be able to celebrate Mark Henry's exciting career and wrestle as The Great Khali. http://i.imgur.com/pR00y8N.png
  2. I just finished the single player yesterday, and I'm now collecting chests and doing all the other side bits. I haven't looked at clubs or co-op yet, but if there's a club out there chasing members or someone still looking to work on the co-op stuff, send me a message on XBL (Gamertag thisisScoMan) I have the mic that game with the Xbox One, and the one time I tried it we couldn't get it to work (though I'm not sure if that was a problem with my setup or theirs- they had no mic and were trying to use the Kinect which we all know is GREAT for voice chat), so I may or may not be able to use a mic. Also a heads up I'm in Australia so there may be timezone differences, but I have a quiet weekend ahead so will be on most of the time anyway.
  3. I did the TAC Cup in Competition mode, had the highest goal scorer & same best on ground player in most matches & didnt get the Golden Boot or Morrish Medal achievements. Is this a glitch, or does it need to be done in Career?
  4. Feel free to add me to to get multiplayer achievements. Will be playing most of the weekend. GT: thisisScoman
  5. The chief died for me too and didn't respawn when I finished the DLC. What I ended up doing, which may not be an option for everyone, is loading one of my other characters, using the the Oghma Infinium glitch (glitch for glitch, right?) until they were a high enough smithing level to get ebony smithing, and then rushing straight to the Stalhrim quest. Of course I kept a save from before I used the Oghma Inifinium glitch, loaded that back up and played until all the Autosaves done during the glitch part were gone.
  6. I had the girl die (I assume, she's not anywhere in the village but her body also isn't at the stone) but the guy is alive and I can't do it. Looks like you're screwed either way. I tried the "Wait 30 game days" thing too which has been recommended elsewhere on the web and that didn't work either. Looks like I'll have to wait for a patch unless I can be bothered taking one of my other characters there. Unfortunately since the "Quick save" feature I've become lazy and have no save games before she disappeared.
  7. Okay, I finally got my Babality and Friendship to work in MKII. Was much easier when I realised you can't use any punch buttons in the winning round.
  8. Need online achievements. Seeking same. EDIT - Done
  9. Okay, so it 's time I admitted my noobality and started seeking help on the timing etc of these things. I've always sucked at fighting games, so ya'll don't need to point that out. I'm trying to do Scorpions "Friendship" and "Bablity" in MKII (one of them is back, back, down high kick and the other is down, back, back high kick I think... something like that anyway) and I've been trying for a long time (I'm ashamed to admit how long) and I can't get them to work. Any tips would be helpful. Oh, and just to make it clear I'm a noob...
  10. I'll be online quite a bit over the weekend if anyone wants to go for the multiplayer achievements. GT thisisScoMan
  11. Awesome guide. I was going to have a crack at one myself, but wouldn't have put the amount of time into it you have, so well done. With Lifetime Lagger you can use two controllers and kick about 130 goals an hour with 10 minute qtrs. The problem is sometimes your goals disappear from the stats menu doing this. To stop that happening, make sure your opponent kicks one goal, and when you've finished the game start a game with you vs the cpu and quit straight away (it would only take the goals of the last game you played off your total if you played multiple games in a row - if you start the game against the cpu, the last game you played is nil goals) Also, for "Downtown", obviously a smaller ground like Darwin will be easier to get the achievement. With "By Hand", I got to 3 qtr time in an amateur season with 10 minute quarters, and just spent the last quarter handballing. Also got me "leather poisoning" as I was just handballing between the same few players. I had to complete 5 online games to get the Online Player achievement, and they had to be completed, a few times players quit out on me and it didn't count. They also have to be ranked games, you can't get it from private matches. Spoil Sport if you don't have it by the time you're doing Legendary, you will get it then. To beat a team on legendary difficulty I think you'd be spoling at least 20 times a match rather than trying to outmark their forwards. Plus spoiling their kick outs when you score a point is also a good tactic, so with all that you should get spoil sport. Storming Home you must be losing at 3 qtr time to get that one, then stop them scoring in the last quarter. Can be done the first time you try champion difficulty after upping from amateur (that's how I got it), or if all else fails, two controllers. I think we've pretty much covered everything...
  12. Okay I got it. You have to use two "unedited" teams. Even if you've changed one tactic, or taken one player off and put another in, it won't work. When you're selecting the teams, if you see the "Footy Factory" logo under them, that means they're edited. So I picked two teams without that logo, then didn't go into team management, won the game (on amateur, three minute quarters) then BOOM! Achievement. So anyone else that's stuck, that was my problem. You can't change tactics or players to get it. Silly, I know.
  13. I just beat West Coast at Patterson's in single match on Professional and still nothing. Guess I'll just keep going and eventually it'll pop.
  14. I heard they're considering downloadable release into regions outside Aus for Ex-Pats. I suppose it depends on what sort of demand they get.
  15. I just managed to get this one using two controllers. I just kept giving them free kicks then lining them up with the man on the mark. As soon as the whistle blew, I ran through them with the right stick. Normally I don't resort to these measures, but I think I'd done it enough times in season it should have unlocked. As you said, some of them are a bit buggy.
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