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  1. Or any tips to optimise the time to 100% like in previous games? Logging out of XBL in career to get achievements in career and logging back in to load a previous cloud save. That kind of thing.
  2. Where can you adjust race lengths?
  3. Well that's great. While trying to maximise ego points, I miss the Dali moustache achievement. What should i be going for? Is there limited ego points?
  4. So, following the written guide will get you most achievements in first playthrough. Which ones will it miss? Is there then another 'hold your hand' guide to mop up the remaining achievements?
  5. Anybody want to boost online achievements? Tag is Mark Miwurdz
  6. Looking to boost online stuff. I'm in UK. Tag is Mark Miwurdz
  7. I'm ready to do co op. Online now and for next few hours. Tag is Mark Miwurdz
  8. Like the ones for the Sherlock Holmes games. If not, what is the first point where something can be missed?
  9. The list of missable achievements and their videos in this topic. Are they in order you will do them in the game?
  10. Got this today. I 'm up for boosting. GT is Mark Miwurdz
  11. I'm looking to boost the online stuff. Tag is Mark Miwurdz
  12. ^ Tried contacting you twice. No reply. I'm looking to boost the online stuff. Tag is Mark Miwurdz
  13. I'm looking to boost to level 10 and can help getting the other online stuff. Tag is Mark Miwurdz
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