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  1. Hi I there seems to be problem with Saints Row IV for the Xbox 360, It is a little weird it will not add all the Secret Achievements, then if I keep hitting save without checking a box, it keeps subtracting I started with 980, down to 925, kinda funny. Anyway you guys do a great job, love your site. JOHN PS: using MAC and ipad

  2. FYI I just thought many would like to know.
  3. I have read about New Game Plus, But I cannot seem to find it after I finished the game, I am lookig forward to finish collecting. Can someone please explain, thank You
  4. I am trying to defeat the Tsar, and it is ruining my enjoyment of this game, so is there a way to lower the difficulty to Normal ss I do not have to start over? Thanks ahead of time
  5. Need to find water on open Map to put fire out for last Red Brick. Thank You
  6. In the area Lothlorien a tiny waterfall keeps me from getting a silver block Please Help Thank You
  7. I have collected everything on all the levels. One Mithril Not available including many silver blocks. Please help I have no clue. Thanks Ahead
  8. I have the first 2 Bonuses and I cannot find the 3rd? Please Help Thanks!
  9. Am I doing something wrong, at the beginning of the level when you have to jump to the platform, get the cannister/key jump back across, put the first one in the middle, I get that no problem, but the second one by the door I cannot throw it in, it just blows up. I get there with plenty of time, any suggestions? I will thank you ahead of time!
  10. I borrowed the game from someone who maxed out each character, and has a 1000 chevo's. Now I am trying to understand if I take ownership, I will be using his stats and will not get many of the Achievements . THe only way to get all the Achievements is to reset, and by doing so resets his characters. Thanks
  11. Romantic Achievement, what level should I load I forgot which one. Thanks !!!
  12. How do I wander finding red boxes with a Dark Magic Character? I can play free play with a Dark Character. It is probably something simple, please help I don't get it. Thanks in Advance!!
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