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  1. Moosyt of us dont have 10 hours to sit and play with one person, So this "Method" is kind of pointless
  2. Leesh him out of the Copter before the Monorail scene and blast him with a Shotgun
  3. It has to be one round because most likely you would get this in wave 10ish and that would be way too easy because the enemies are easy
  4. The only people who think this is a good game are comic book nerds that read their comics in their bedroom in their moms house while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons at 34 years old of age. If you think this is a good game...you literally have zero brain cells...SHould have bought Bulletstorm
  5. Everytime i climb the ladder onto the roof...i go to unscrew the grate but EVERYTIME before i get done with the first screw the Maintence Guy see's me...i've don it oh...100 times...and everytime its the same result at the same point...Can anyone help me Please?
  6. My game glitched too...I could not get past the first section with the scary children. I can hear them like...all day long...but they wont come out..I would hear them scream but never come out and none of the doors would open so i am stuck with 950G
  7. I want my own crawler i can control...um Awesome
  8. Good Luck beating the Stalkers with the Plasma Cutter on Hardcore...
  9. That glitch wont work...i tried
  10. You have to do 3 playthroughs because you cannot earn 100 Power Nodes in 1. So to upgrade 4 weapons you will need to play through the game 3 times
  11. Do all the Achievements/Weapon Upgrades carry over? I cannot imagine you can get all 4 Weapons Upgraded in one playthrough as well as 2500 Dismembered Limbs?
  12. Whoever says the Plasma Cutter method is "easy"...is retarded. Make another Save...Upgrade the Plasma Rifle as much as you can by Respec all your Power Nodes into the Plasma and get around 500-600 Ammo...and Grenade it...makes it EASY
  13. Tailz

    Gears 3 Beta

    Uhh where do you see the Gears 3 Beta date? Febuary 25th is not true
  14. I think the MP Demo sucks...BAD...i hope the SP is good P.S. The video is gone
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