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  1. It won't be long and I think that GTAV and Diablo 3 are gonna be on a lot of people's lists.
  2. GTA V and Rocksmith 2014 are my next two purchases.
  3. For what you'd expect on a reboot of an old game this one was done well. The game came out in 1989 and I think that comparing it to today's standards is dumb. I think you should expect it to be short and expect that it might have some control issues. For some of these reviewers, I bet their parents weren't even together when this game original released. For that I think it deserves a bit of leniency. They did an awesome job recreating and expanding the experience while preserving the old gameplay. I think anyway.
  4. The Look Ma achievement might be this years Mile High Club. Tried for over an hour last night.
  5. They did an awesome job changing it up a little but keeping it nostalgic. Love it.
  6. Look Ma, no Spats is going to kill me. I thought that beating it on the harder levels would be bad.
  7. Look Ma, no Spats is going to kill me. I thought that beating it on the harder levels would be bad.
  8. I was surprised they did just shirts. Seems like there was opportunity to have some cool stuff. Like above my thought was a remote control Gizmoduck.
  9. Mrs. Beakly was pretty easy. I only remembered her being in the Mines but she's in all the levels. I actually found her when I wasn't looking lol.
  10. I just went down from the top. I don't know if there's an advantage to mixing it up.
  11. I loved this game as a kid it was one of the few games i completed. Nintendo was like ninja gaiden hard when I was little LOL
  12. I keep seeing Ninja Turtles. The map looks amazing! At least now when we're describing where to find things we can be like. "it's right next to Leo's left Bicep"
  13. Still a bit confused but this cleared up a TON of stuff. Thanks for posting.
  14. I'm liking the Demon Hunter. I think my next character will be a Monk.
  15. a friend of mine was trying to no avail. I point him here if that method works. I've just been playing with a friend close to me and we're leveling normal fairly fast.
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