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  1. looking to boost all the online achievements. Message me back if interested. GamerTag: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  2. Just logged onto steam today (6-6-13) to find all Microsoft flight dlc to be 50% off. If you need a break down of all the dlc you need to get every achievement here is a small list: Microsoft Flight: Hawaiian Starter Bundle: $14.49 (Original Price $29.99) Microsoft Flight: Alaskan Wilderness: $7.49 (Original Price $14.99) Total Price: $22.48 Steam was also kind enough to bundle the exact planes you need in the Hawaiian starter bundle, so you don't need to buy certain planes individually to get any of the other single plane achievements. I would jump on this sale immediately if your looking to max out your GS for this game. Last time i seen a sale on this game was about 2 years ago. Way better than paying $45 for everything imho.
  3. Looking to boost the survivor & training with friends achievement. Message me back on xbox live if interested. Gamertag: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  4. Need to boost the online replay achievements and the 10 ranked wins. Message me back if interested. GT: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  5. Looking to the Boost "Star Power" achievement. If anyone is interested. Please message me back or hit me up on Xbox Live. Gamertag: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  6. looking to boost the multiplayer achievements. Contact me on Xbl if interested. Gamertag: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  7. looking to boost online dlc mode, message me back if interested. Thanks ^_^ Gamertag: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  8. just set up a session on TA. join my session or contact me if anyone still needs to boost the siege achievements. Session is scheduled for 3 hours on Monday (3/11/13) 8pm Hawaiian standard time. Thanks ^_^ Gamertag: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  9. Looking to boost these achievements, wan't to get this mode over with. PM on xbl if interested in creating a boosting party. GT: UNEDEADxNEMESIS
  10. Anyone want to boost RE6 Onslaught Achievements, please let me know. Thanks ^_^ GT: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  11. Looking for new players to join our team. We currently have 18 members and our team is at level 8 atm. Anyone is welcome to join. We are a nice group who enjoy playing the game and having fun. Message me back if interested in joining. Reminder: Please if you would like to join, leave your World Tekken Federation username in a post, not your gamertag. Thank you GT: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  12. looking to boost decks to unlock cards in 1v1. Whoever is interested message me back or contact me on XBL. GT: UNDEADxNEMESIS
  13. I am looking for boosting partner to unlock all the cards for the 10 decks. Message me on XBL if anyone is interested. GT- UNDEADxNEMESIS
  14. I stopped caring a long time ago about leader-boards/rank, they can always be tampered with and boosted. The only time it matters is when their are rank achievements in a game and the cheaters/hackers just make it more difficult to deal with when trying to go for the cheevos. T_T
  15. I still need to get the "excellent" achievement. If anyone is interested, message me. GT - UNDEADxNEMESIS
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