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  1. RE Halo Infinite Disconnects: Deleting the Halo Infinite game cache actually seems to help prevent disconnecting from games. Has the panacea of a bygone era returned? Improving NAT type, resetting the console, etc, don’t seem to make any difference. Update: Delete the game cache every time before starting the game.
  2. I'm looking to do Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 Legendary co-op campaigns. All experience/skill levels welcome.
  3. The State of Fallout modding Given Bethesda’s reputation for “borrowing” ideas from mods, how exited are you for the next Fallout 76 DLC?
  4. Forum update removed the ability to title posts. Anyway here's my review of Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War:
  5. I ground out a bunch of adventure games/ walking sims for the 10000 rewards points, and they were all quite pleasant, except for Another World. I tried to finish up Destiny. Did the bells Easter egg, rest of the group got the achievement but it’s bugged for me. Edit: Delayed unlock. It’s like 2014 all over agin.
  6. Gamertag: GoodCoffeeJoey Games: Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition -(1) Thomas Was Alone - (1) Gone Home: Console Edition - (1) Tacoma - (1) What Remains of Edith Finch - (1) Batman: The Telltale Series - (1 + 3) Destiny - (1 + 6) Total: 16
  7. Typically, the people who desecrated the tomb would be cursed. In real life, there was a media circus about the mummy's curse, when one of the men who opened King Tut's tomb died of a blood infection a few weeks later. Death Cults serving the mummy are another common trope, looking for victims to sacrifice to pharaoh by mummifying them alive. Mummy's are a very dated concept in horror, and don't resonate for audiences today for multiple different reasons. I do not condone cannibalism.
  8. Grind them into a paste and snort it.
  9. Forum: Merch GT: GoodCoffeeJoey P: Verified
  10. My interest in both the next gen consoles is pretty low. I don't have a 4k or 144hz monitor so the actual improvements over the XOX seem marginal.
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