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  1. Even after you give items to the person who wanted them, they are still in your treasure trove for you to use.
  2. Are you pushing the left stick up when you jump? I had to jump with A and then push up the left stick while mid-jump. If I held up the left stick while jumping, it wouldn't work!
  3. If you're in Robin's Hazard suit, you don't need to clear the purple goo. Robin can go through it in his Hazard suit without getting injured. **I just tried this to make sure, and Robin grabbed the climbing wall even with the purple goo on it. As a side note, when I got this brick, I flew to the top of the building as superman, switched to cyborg to pull off the two blue lids, and then switched to Robin and put on the Hazard suit to spray the green goo into the container.
  4. You would get to the tent area by using the apparition point outside the diner. Some other possible locations that have been missed are the diner, Knockturn Alley, the waterfront area near Hagrid's, the forbidden forest, and the Quidditch field. Can you tell the location on the character chart of some of the ones you are missing? For example: Between Molly Weasley and Mrs. Cole.
  5. Beside the rock in the mud pool, there is a rock covered in dark magic. After you hit it with a dark magic spell, jump on the rock it reveals, and another rock will appear in the mud pool along with a character token.
  6. If I remember correctly, you use dark magic on the candles in the astronomy tower.
  7. I think you're missing Anthony Goldstein: I think he's in the library.
  8. For the two characters outside Dumbledore's office, you need to put the fires out with the water spell.
  9. Okay...if I'm counting right you're talking about the Invincibility brick. I believe that this one was in the garden type area below the entrance to Trelawney's classroom. You had to water the plants and then smash them, I think. If this not the right brick, let me know and I'll try again!
  10. For the isla one, did you get the mini kit that is partway through the forest while you are fighting on the waterwheel?
  11. You also have to make sure that you ONLY touch the squares that lit up. If you touch one of the other squares on the way to it, then the guys start dropping out of the ceiling. I kept switching to the character that had the closest square to jump to and let the computer take the other character to the harder to reach square. To stop the guys from attacking after you've made a mistake, you can jump on the two ropes to close the holes in the ceiling.
  12. Okay guys...This is absolutely crazy, but I can't seem to figure out how to get close enough to the landing pad to actually land. Can anyone tell me what I might be missing?
  13. I found that I was missing the checkmark on Manny's Trailor. After a lot of searching, I finally figured out the last piece of evidence. As you go to Manny's trailer to serve the search warrant, if you run your cursor over the left side of the door frame, you will find a red fiber from the communal sweater.
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