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  1. I am looking for someone to boost the MP achievements. GT: Mad Serg Xbox 360.
  2. Glitched for me. Equiped broze - got nothing, equiped silver - got bronze, equiped gold, got silver and equiped platinum got gold. How to fix it? Tryed to select different platinum badges, got few other achievements, but still nothing here.
  3. Overachieve much? stucked on 95 - i play on PC and Xbox One, made like 170-180. Armed and Dangerous stucked on 70% - i found much more than 20. Don't know if dwelers works - from lootboxes i've got mostly legendery garbage, and rarely arms. Raiders attacks me once a week mb (i play every day) - but it's still counts.
  4. Have the same problem - how to solve it?
  5. Shutterbug didn't unlocked. Some new ways to fix it?
  6. Searching for partner to make 3-fer achievement. GT Mad Serg
  7. Need help with 2 online achievements. Xbox 360. GT: Mad Serg
  8. I can't upload ghost... No answer from server. Looks like 1000 unobtainable =(
  9. I finished the game and have some questions. First, i missed deadeye ach. Where i can do it? And second. Former Adventurer. I killed|damged like 50 people and still don't have it. Press A and Y and Lara putts arrow in the leg/head of enemy. What i make wrong?
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