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  1. Thank you so much, I spent 45 minutes trying to do it in one go and was going mad!
  2. I made a quick vid showing how to get Piggy Bank, Budget Master, Financially Talented, Financial Manager and Financial Genius in under 2 minutes
  3. Ok so after 3 days of grinding here's my story. Completed play through 1, got all other achievements. Maxed out all 13 suits in order and said I was at 97%. I tried everything but no achievement. Started play through 2, finished story ASAP, during which I maxed 2014 suit and achievement said 98%. Started on suits in random order - 2012, ricochet, spider-carnage, started Russian hideouts then maxed ultimate comics, then did all races and maxed hornet, big time, then after finally maxing scarlet spider it popped. I'd previously spoken to Xbox support they said to try everything previously mentioned and then try another achievement on another game (that's not how I roll). Best of luck if it's glitched for you, I'm sadly finding a lot of problems with Xbox one acheevs.
  4. Shambles11

    Beast Mode

    After 3 days of trying I finally got this. Here's how, dunno if it'll help but worth a go! I played an online friendly against my son. I was Gillingham, he was some Mexican team. As the goalkeeper he was on his 6 yard line holding LT, I was Ade Akinfenwa. I held LT and was tapping B as I ran round him trying to get the ball (no RT). After a couple of seconds I lunged, tapped the ball away from his foot and achievement popped. I don't know if I even did it right, it looked no different to any other standing tackle I've made! But I thought I'd post as I've spent so long looking for a guide. Now to wait for a Be A Pro challenge so I can finally get 1000g!
  5. Just got it after many attempts. First set easy (although you still randomly get hit sometimes). Second set stay relatively middle, weave quickly left, right, left, right, for the horizontal bars stay at the bottom, then quickly up, quickly down, stay down. The hard part is the up and down quickly enough, it's all about timing. Third set, go bottom right, stay bottom right, centre up, then bottom right and stay there all the way through. Again, the switch from bottom right to centre mid is the tricky part, timing and practice. Every now and then the beams will be slightly different and you'll get hit, but 90% of the time what i did works. Good luck
  6. I had the same trouble, I think it's if you've already started the ops mode before trying the cheat. I deleted my save file tried again and got the 45g achievement I was missing, hope it helps
  7. Ok, i know there's a link to a video review but if like me you can't be bothered to watch it, i felt i should warn you this is a truely terrible game. My 13 year old daughter mostly plays it and she says it's "average i guess", i am an old fart and think this is one of the worst games on xbox, right up there with turok, looney tunes and meet the robinsons. My 10 year old son simply refuses to play it. Be warned, movie games are atrocious, even if it's the summer holidays and your kids are going mental... i should've just given them £20 each and let them loose in a sweet shop. Poor gameplay, level design is non existant, the plot is random and barely linked to the film, the body recognition is awful, it can't tell if you're ducking or side-stepping! The graphics would look bad on the Wii, and most of all the combat is boring. This is my personal opinion and in no way represents the views of x360a, microsoft, Jack Black or people who aren't grumpy.
  8. I was playing a two player local game, going for the run out of hotels achievement and as I upgraded my houses to hotels the achievement popped for winning an Xbox live game with custom rules, the same thing happened a couple of games later, upgraded the houses and got achievement for winning 10 games online. When both these haopened I hadn't even played a game online! Have tried since on purpose, setting it up the same way but nothing else popped.
  9. dlc achievements took me about 20 mins to get, that includes getting to 25 tickets then using the wheel of fortune to get up to 300 tickets to buy the two last prizes. is a variation of monkey dance with some new poses, some exactly the same, set to 4 themes of music, (hip hop, country, etc.). 2 of them i got the top prize first time, the others took two attempts each. pretty easy stuff.
  10. Just thought i'd share something i discovered today. I used to have my kinect below my tv, today i got a bracket to put the sensor on top of my tv (i have a 50" so it's quite a height difference). I've been trying to get the contender achievement for a week and the best i could do was round 16 always 2 punches away. Well today i got it second attempt, round 17 almost 18. Thought i'd try some other events and i've found they all play slightly differently. I only have contender and granny skills to get so didn't play other events in depth. No idea if this will help people but maybe if you're stuck on an achievement might be worth a try. Now if someone could do granny shot for me that would be great...... (and no, kneeling doesn't help, i have a false knee and no cartilage in either! Stupid legs!) edit: hahaha, as i submitted this thread my daughter said she'll have a go on granny shot "as i'm a cripple" (gotta love 12 year olds, grrrr) and she completed it on her first attempt, she even did the first two objects trying to throw over arm.. i give up... where's my commodore 64............
  11. Dunno if this helps anyone but i promised my little lad i'd post what he discovered. He plugged in 2 controllers and did a 1 vs 1 match. With player two he grabbed a chair and got dq'd. Player 1 got the achievement for win in under 2 mins, win without grappling and win without striking. Apologies if this has been said already but i promised him i'd post it on here and further apologies for not using the right achievement names, i haven't played it myself! Oh, and if you didn't know you just got out-smarted by a 10 year old.... welcome to my world!
  12. i had loads of cheevs glitch on me until i found out what to do then got them all today before you start the mini game for the achievement you need pause the game (left arm at 45 degrees) and sign in, even if you already are and havent left or swapped players, i had to sign in 9 times tonight to get 9 achievements! hope it helps, helped me get the bull in darts, 100 point cup in the skillball game, perfect games in bocce etc, stupid game!
  13. This game is utterly terrible, my Mrs bought it for me as a gift, wish she hadn't! It's laggy, difficult to control, the mini games are replicas of each other, unlike kinect adventures if you drop in and out it wont register and achievements are a pain in the ass to get as you have to constantly sign in, even if it's only you and you don't leave, that's why people aren't getting cheevos pop - sign in before every mini game... ridiculous!! Is a great game to make the Wii look better than a 360.. dirty, dirty Wii
  14. Thanks for the guide, my daughter just got 1000g, has made her summer holiday, and i got a nice boost to my gamerscore!
  15. Nope, all CYC achievements can be obtained on amateur. The most likely reason the cheevo didn't pop is because you have to be captain in a competitive match, the friendlies don't count, only the qualifier or finals matches. You only need to be captain once, for winning the world cup simply being in the team is enough.
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