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  1. I quit playing my Xbox 360 since September, but I play Battlefield 3 on the PC a day or two in a month. For 10 minutes...I don't have time to game anymore! =\
  2. Yet...I wish they added the option to see Veteran number next to names on scoreboard AND to see who is dead and who is not.
  3. Nope, I don't even play on Karkand maps. I only jumped in Wake Island on release date...then never again...
  4. COD's prestige crap is just stupid. Why should I have to reset all my shit, that I worked for, just to rank up again? It takes more time and it's stupid. I honestly don't understand why people do it. Skins are stupid. I am definitely going for Colonel 100, right now I am a 37, but that's because I work all day and I only get about an hour or two, if possible, a day!
  5. I was in the Docks and a recon was hiding behind the crates, while I was on the bridge. He thought he was fine, after I suppressed him, I later switched to my M230 (GL) and his body went flying across the map and then landed in front of my face, ON the bridge! That was funny as hell! When are the physics in games gonna be 100% real? lol
  6. What in the world is "FUS?" I have Skyrim...but haven't even played it...
  7. What the hell? Is this, like, a side quest mission or something? I need to play TESV:S!
  8. Yep...but some people want to be corny...
  9. I guess you gotta put the typical "not intended copyright - for use to the public for review, etc. blah, blah, blah - all credit goes to the makers blah, blah, blah" and the video will stay up. Hell, I actually think 90% of YouTube videos are recorded copyrighted things. So, with that said, sorry that you were a victim. You really should have gotten a warning or a message or something.
  10. Can't vote on that, since I haven't downloaded it because I've heard there's been some problems going on. So, I will download it when I touch my Xbox 360...one of these days...one of these days. Also...care to explain why this is in the CODMW3 forums?
  11. Nope. I tried to complete every game I had to the max. So, I basically did, I just popped some discs inside and then never played them again. That may be why I have like 5 games with 70GS/1000GS...that ruins the completion percentage! So, I basically stopped caring about getting achievements. 3 years was enough. =D Although, I will still get them, but not care as I used to.
  12. Of course you can do that! Only, if you want to keep that offline achievement, you will have to go online for it to save. Although, you might wanna log off of the Gears of War playing account when you do. Then again...I'm pretty sure you have to transfer accounts? Or you don't? What the hell?
  13. Not even funny...possibly the most retarded thing I've ever read in my entire life. No, seriously...I think this tops all others! Are you kidding me? Please tell me this is a really, really early April Fool's joke, because it would be grand if it is! Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is not even realistic...who are they kidding?!?
  14. Well...I'm not updating it since I don't touch my Xbox 360 anymore...maybe someday I will.
  15. That's what happens when you don't to how to drive. Always swerve!
  16. "...but I dont seem to be able to pull myself away from CoD!?" AHAHAHA you made me laugh there! Ah! That was a good one, no really! Grade A job there! I still play Battlefield 3, I try to play AT least an hour a day, but due to work and working out (PT), I barely touch it. =\ I noticed that some updates nerf'ed things, instead of improving. More than one AA rocket to destroy a jet? GTFO! This is some bull. I have Skyrim...but surprisingly I haven't even played it past the intro. O_O
  17. Eh...like co-op? Yes. Multiplayer as in something else...? No...!
  18. This is just how I imagine how the new SA is gonna be, without SA and LV, still a massive map! Also, my first thought was, "Fake! It's a mod" and turns out I was right! :woop:
  19. Nice, nice...looking good. I am no noob, but I wanted to see how the guide looked like. lol Anyway, Bardock!
  20. Hell no, I already beat Mass Effect's story about five times, and it was the longest game I played at the time. Searching for minerals was a real bitch with the Mako! Thank god they took it out of Mass Effect 2, which I am currently playing! Well, on the PC, when I switch between Skyrim and Battlefield 3.
  21. Good game indeed, I played that game about tons of times! The only drag (and most boring part of the game) is looking to salvage items in a big ass map. Well, I knew a few tricks, but yeah...HUGE game!
  22. 8 people? That's SO weak. Hell, why not even 4 player split-screen? Wow, how lame, I bet they are just releasing this for a quick buck. Anyone who's stupid to buy it on 360 is just a money waster. PC>360.
  23. Did someone just really bitch about someone posting a video on how to glitch infinite xp? Fail.
  24. Yeah, same here, I think it'll be the darker skinned person who we will take over...but then again, it also says that there's more than one playable character!
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