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  1. This may be the most useful information I have come across. This may hopefully push me past JB and into TS :woop:
  2. People have gotten to 17 days without the RMB. It is semi overated
  3. It was thrown off the Gamefaq thread list way long ago. G/l on your completion.
  4. http://www.gamespot.com/dead-rising/forum/anyone-else-trying-infinite-mode-40603684/?page=0 This is the start of a log I made back in 2008. It was one of my first runs and went up to 500 posts! Have fun.
  5. Didn't you complete 7 day before?
  6. I actually thought their dumbness would be the reaction of the normal stupid mall walking american during a zombie outbreak. Also the challenge of these dumbasses makes for some fun instead of just playing through and being a superhero on your first go.
  7. Definite not the way I would do it because I would die of boredom. I love killing the psycho/survivors for food!
  8. This has to be the safest guide out there. I think he made it just for that reason.
  9. I think I made that, unless someone else put up another. About as maxed out as it gets now. I did as well!
  10. In infinite mode I've encountered Isabela being invincible. If you leave through a loading screen and come back you can damage them.
  11. 17 days in game, equals out to 36 hours real life time of using math skills and tremendus amounts of patience to plot the most health efficent path to get the most time out of what's offered, all the while not being touched by thousands of zombies for over 20 hours (real time) gameplay after 16 hours of leading up to........... Edit : This can also be done over long periods of time. You can pause it and leave your 360 run for over a day if your not a scared wimp My 17d runs usually last a week real time.
  12. Might have to change my sig. This is too good!
  13. Correct, and this is how I get to 17 days : http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=E57A4C58CEBA47DA Good Luck
  14. If you use the 3 health books and take less the 6h 59m of damage then yes you can. There is 7d 7h worth of static mall food laying around and like 16d worth of food from psycho/survivors.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=E57A4C58CEBA47DA http://newcenstein.com/17days.html
  16. The PP leaderboard in Dead Rising is for PP earned in a SINGLE playthrough. You get tons of PP by doing this in Overtime : [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txabKHM97OE]YouTube - How to spam PP in Dead Rising[/ame]
  17. No. It will take at least 14 hours. On topic, I have a friend who survived for 17 days without the RMB. Nicholi Ginovief. Look on the leaderboard, he still hasn't got zombie genocider.
  18. Unless you want the maximum time. Even if you ate the full heals after day 7 at 1m37.5s instead of 1m37.9s you will lose over 2m game time, getting you 7th or worse on the leaderboard.
  19. As soon as the last block starts blinking I set a timer for 1m 38s and eat it right around 1m 37.9s to leave 2.1 seconds for the eating animation.
  20. Pretty much, You have to refill your health at Zombie Jessie at 11:58pm on day 7 to make it to Brock as late as possible, then you can not get touched till you die for a perfect run. Zombie walk works really well after you have delt with Brad and get the other 2 health books back.
  21. Yeah, max is 17d 7h *(4m) * randomizers have a very slight chance of being energizers potentially giving you an extra 4m. You can take plenty of damage up till about mid day 7. After that it has to be flawless for max times, day 8 using only weapons found where the survivors are.
  22. There are 4 people who spawn on day 8, all needed for max time runs. After that nothing. Grats on 7 days.
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