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  1. Actually, the best place to be is the left side behind that crashed plane. The nuke attack does nothing to you, and if you need to hide just cloak and crouch inside the plane. There's also an abundance of Minigun and Gauss rifle ammo.
  2. It's extremely easy for the most part, it's the final level that's a pain. Everything around you attacking you while the boss before the last one throws you around is annoying. Otherwise I've more or less beaten it in a whole sitting(Like 7 hours) and it's never been unfair. Just make use of cloak and you'll win everything, and use Laser attachment if you want to hipfire stuff.
  3. So what's the first one? It's obviously not Deadly Premonition.
  4. No way around it, difficulty achievements aren't stackable. For the High in Las Vegas achievement, you just need to get all upgrades, doesn't matter where the red gems come from.
  5. Nothing happens, they just make you wait till the next day to do it. Like Agent said, there are like two levels where you're forced to be in your car so you can't dilly dally, but it's very lenient for the most part. At worst you get nagged at by Emily and George.
  6. 12-15ish hours no guides. Side quests bump it up to around 21ish.
  7. You have to buy it from Panda Bear. No other way to get it.
  8. You get it from the same chapter you're on. Once you get past the first or second Wall Crawler and get to the Art Gallery you should go upstairs then downstairs and then have to put those apples on the pedestals. Once you do this you'll have to fight some Shadows. Just go to the upper area and the Shadow will drop it.
  9. I don't know if there's a way to get around this, but if you are patient(About four months of patience to be exact) you can just do the surveys on rewards.xbox.com with an EU account and have enough for one pack, and then since you made your first purchase on that account(I hope it's your first, otherwise you can't get this next one) you get another free 100 points so you can get another pack. It's what I'm doing anyway. Edit: So I got my rewards points yesterday(100) and I can confirm this method works, so if you want them, go right ahead. It will take 5 months though.
  10. I'm still looking for people to help me get Job Skills and Fast Learner. I'm not boosting for anything else, just these two achievements at the moment and the few people that did contact me wanted to do a level 50 boosting party and such, I'm not looking for that.
  11. There's like a half second reaction you can make where you can stab a guy trying to stun you. Assassinations take precedence over stuns, but you can stop people from assassinating you and you can go into a stun IF and only IF you have a Smoke Bomb out during their assassination animation.
  12. I'm looking to score both of those achievements as well.
  13. By far my favorite 360 exclusive. But you need to like the turn-based gameplay to really enjoy it. Dreams are wonderfully written, and the characters(Aside from Cooke and Mack) are great.
  14. Right at the end of 13. Except by that point there's only a single basic slasher right before the elevator, and they slowly come rushing towards you one by one once you read the power node area at the end. It's how I did my Hardcore chapter 10 run.
  15. Or, you know, stasis the Brute and run behind it, shooting off its arms, then do the same for the second one, then just keep running to the far end, avoiding every Necro and have them funnel towards you one at a time.
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