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  1. ive added and messaged you mcdurbin
  2. ive just messaged you milecoupe.. incase hes already sorted the achievements please add me if you still need them.. my name has changed to digi del boy
  3. ive just got the game and would like to knwo this also....
  4. ive just completed harcorde mode on my first play through.. like all Fallouts its super easy as long as you dont try fighting strong enimies at a low level and you stock up on decent guns and supplies. I only struggled with the Brotherhood Of Steel quest for Mr House....i was like level 11 when i got there lol
  5. it hasnt happened to me yet....im thinkin it was his xbox..lol ive installed the game to my hard drive and its more than halved loading times...so much more fun to play. I reloaded my save to get round the tops casino problem......there was 4 hours between the saves but managed to get back to where i was in 1 hour 30mins, and i played some caravan on the way.
  6. Thanx for the tips, i really should of learnt from Fallout 3, guess i under estimated the hardcore mode. My friend seemed to come accross alot of glitches and also the game used to freeze alto for him causing him to have to reload. Has this happened to you at all?
  7. yea im playin on hardcore bad times... ill just ahve to reload the old save, its not too far back. thanx guys...
  8. i cant do that mate... when they started shooting i ran out and it autosaved...
  9. ive gone and messed up by refusing to give swank my weapons. Ive done this before finding benny and now the casino is hostile. Theres no chance of me taking out the guards and i cant reach benny. Am i screwed or is there something i can do? i have a save i can go back to but its hours previous!!
  10. nevermind... just need to close the game then reload and redo the level you were on!
  11. same things just happened to me..... unlocked over the hill but it hasnt showed up on my gamerscore! any ideas how to fix this?...if i even can!
  12. I was struggling with this but finally did it by just throwing knives from the rooftop. Made it super easy.
  13. did the same person host the game? maybe if the host switched would need to elarnt he level again tho as you would go a differnt route
  14. He just checked his chapters and it hasn't registered the final level as being completed.
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