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  1. Just got it. You can pause the game as well as back out and continue from last save point. Spent 2 sittings on it and it wasnt even close to 8 hours. 3 maybe.
  2. Does this have to be done in one sitting or can you back out of the game and continue later?
  3. Ive been on xbox since the very first console and since day one on the 360 when they started doing achievements in 2005. 16 years later I finally cracked the 200K club. Lost planet 3, "Bleeding Heart" for 30 gs. Big achievement for me but now I have to figure out where to get the next 100K.
  4. For the life of me, Sequence 6 Memory 2, "Caress of Steel" is killing me one replay at a time. When you have to chase hope and "Stay out of Combat", I CAN NOT get this to unlock. I dont touch ANYONE through the entire run through and somehow I managed to get in combat somewhere. This is the last synch I need to 100% this game and I am about get into combat with my TV. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Any ideas on when "my stats" might start working?

    1. Dirty130


      Most likely with Wave 2 of our site updates 🙂 We're aiming to have that up and running before the year is out.

  6. appreciate it! Thank you! I about had a heart attack when I first got to the new site and couldnt find my stuff. Ive been here a long time and have used this site darn near every day for YEARS.
  7. Came to the site today and am having trouble finding all my stats and my list of achievements. What am I missing or where can I go to find my stuff?
  8. Both "Its a Magic Number" and "Darn it, they keep breaking" have both unlocked.
  9. Looks like I fixed it. I made a new post here in the forum.
  10. When I finished the game the first time I had 4 achievements that didnt unlock. Basic ones that should have come with game play. "Hell on Earth", "Crystal Craving", "Darn it, they keep breaking" and "Its a Magic number". I tried a hard reset on the console hoping they would unlock when I started the game back up....nope. I tried uninstalling, clearing the save data and reinstalling. Nope....xbox auto updated the save data and I was stuck with a bad save or something. Here is what fixed it. It sucks because you will have to start from scratch and replay the entire game but this is what did it. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. But this time I went into the settings, system, storage, highlight internal, press the menu button, view contents, go to "doom", hit menu button, manage game & add ons, toggle down to "saved data", highlight your profile save, hit the "A" button and select "DELETE FROM EVERYWHERE". I started a new game, finished the first level and "Hell on earth" popped. Went to the doom fortress and did the first crystal and "Crystal craving" popped. So now I just have to work on the 666 kills and the 33 unique glory kills. I will update this if those last 2 achievements unlock or not.
  11. Holy frustration.......... -Tried a hard reset. Didnt fix anything. -Uninstalled and reinstalled and started a new game in a new save slot. Beat the first level the Hell on Earth achievement DID NOT unlock. -Got to the Doom fortress and pulled the first crystal, guess what, no achievement. I am thinking I might have to uninstall and delete all saved info and start completely from scratch.
  12. Ive got a bunch of weird stuff going on and cant figure out why. Hell on eath should have been a "gimmie" and I know I am WELL beyond 666 enemies. I even went out of my way to glory kill everyone I could from every direction I could from the start. I might try to do a hard restart on my box and see if that does anything but I am pretty sure I have hard started it a couple times during the break I took from the game. I might have to try and uninstall and reinstall the game and see if that does anything.
  13. I have all the suit power ups and the crystal routing maxed out. Health/Armor/Ammo maxed. Any reason this hasnt unlocked yet?
  14. So sad. That tracking systems really helps out.
  15. Anyone else running into this? I dont have any %'s shown on how far I am into achievements.
  16. OK, looks like the apex alligator shows up when you are in the third area and have located the grotto there.
  17. Ive made it into the third area and beat the barracuda in the second area but I cant find the population control mission for Fawtick swamp area to get the alligator to spawn. Does it show up later in the game or did I miss something? Right now I have Fawtick at 92% and everything else has been found. All location signs, plates, everything. Any help appreciated.
  18. Based on the achievements and what I remember playing on the original when it first came out, this should be a fun and fairly easy 1000 pts.
  19. Got this on the game pass and have been having all kinds of trouble achievements not unlocking or they will unlock 20 minutes later in game play. Right now the ones I know I have completed are: - Psuedo post mortem (kill 3 within 10 seconds of defib). I have set this one up perfectly a number of times where as soon as I defib I kill at least 3 within 10 seconds. No achievement. (CORRECTION: I missed something in the description of this achievement. You have to go into the perks of defib and make sure that you have it upgraded to 4 shocks. When I did that and tried for it it popped immediately) - Wasteland vagabond (visit every trade coalition settlement). Look on my map, yup there they are and I have even gone in and purchased items at each one. No achievement (Still hasnt unlocked even on new game +. Will probably require a fresh game.........I did a hard reset on my box and started a new game. Drove to each location and it finally popped.) -Double Cross (story related can not be missed). Yup, missed. (Unlocked on new game +) - Dozing (scoop an enemy up). did this about 15 times, no achievement. (Unlocked on new game +) -The bigger they are (kill 7 abandoned crushers). I am now at 8 using 2 from random spawn points and still no achievement. (This one finally popped at 9) Also, why cant I access the Statistics section on the main menu? Any help appreciated.
  20. This should be pretty straight forward. I interacted with the radio, talked to the dude and the achievement never unlocked. Followed the guide to a "T". Hopefully it randomly unlocks later.
  21. I had the same problem with tracking but once I got all the collectibles, all the achievements unlocked. I was worried because I was showing having everything but 3 of them were at 47/50. Once I completed the last ubberkommander mission the New york one showed up and I was like "aaaahhhhhh". They all unlocked as I collected in the New York mission.
  22. I went through and beat the game and am now trying to unlock the random achievements. Both Ghost and They Did Nazi That Coming will not unlock at all. I have done both over and over again to no avail. Are these broken or am I just missing something?
  23. I had been fighting with one last wing suit stunt (purple one) for 2 days. I said "screw it" and purchased the DLC for the jet wingsuit. Made it through on the first try. Game shows 100% on wingsuit challenges but my progress bar in the achievement is still at 99%. Is this glitched or did the use of the jet wing suit stop the achievement?
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