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  1. Don't believe so, I've been through the list and checked off every single one.
  2. Anyone had trouble with the audio diary achievement? Finished the game and discovered I had missed one, went back to get it but nothing happened. Even then went to finish up again and still didn't unlock, its still at 98%. Any ideas?
  3. I play Payday every night if you're still looking to team up. Really need someone with the Hotline Masks.

  4. Looking for some people to play this with and potentially work through the achievements. Send me a message or something if interested
  5. Also looking for team up achievement and to work towards the others I guess. Message me if interested
  6. Looking for people to play this with, still need to do all heists but also want to boost race wins to unlock the car upgrades.
  7. The crafting ones aren't too bad, the killing ones are gonna be the worst ones. The grind begins haha
  8. Just confirming that these are live now Unlocked one of them earlier
  9. Looking for some people to run as a crew and knock out the achievements, GT: United10717
  10. Looking to do all chaos squad achievements, ping me an invite or message. GT: Untied10717 Cheers
  11. Been years since I've played an NHL game, would appreciate any help for the online achievements. GT: United10717 Cheers
  12. Looking for people to play with to go towards the CTF and LTS mode 50 wins achievements. Would like to have some people who work together.
  13. Anyone interested in playing some dark zone send me a message Gt: United10717 Thanks
  14. If anyone wants to team up for some ranked then add me and message. Probably playing a lot seeing as it's double xp
  15. Need someone to join and help me beat the campaign on insane. Message me: United 10717. On right now
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