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  1. It might be easier to find a group that way, if you don't have a group, and a match, but no you don't "need" to have the DLC. But you do need the snowblind maps to get your veteran gear achievement.
  2. Seriously, that's like 12 matches to get from rank 1 - 100... How long does that usually take to get one match in?
  3. Thanks for the info. That doesn't sound completely horrible. I am decent (not great) at RTS's so hopefully it won't be too bad.
  4. So I just got the game, this sounds disturbing, how long are each of the campaigns?
  5. That's actually a bug in the latest patch. To fix clear your system cache. You may have to load an old saved game that has them unlocked and save it again. But that part is sometimes unnecessary.
  6. I don't know if there is a point other than to say my badass mage is better than your badass mage but it's single player only so who cares you can't show him off. But just playing through the game (and all the guild quests) I made it to level 30 without trying too hard.
  7. Has anyone else noticed a distinct difficulty difference. It takes 40-50 attacks to kill most of the monsters in the Shivering Isles and I have my blade skill up to 107 (with +10 bonuses so 97 naturally) And it only takes them about 5 hits to kill me. And this is using the Amber Blade you get in Shivering Isles as it was slightly better than the sword I had before. My character is mostly a magic user. Even my top spells that take my entire magic bar to cast barely does any damage. In the main Oblivion game I can destroy any enemy in one spell or maybe at most 5-9 hits from a sword. Am I doing something wrong or is the expansion pack really that ridiculous?
  8. So I will start off by saying that I started with Halo 3. I was a slacker and never had an XBox before the 360. Also I am a slacker and didn't get halo for the PC. That being said. Halo 3 - 8.5/10 Great story, Great Graphics, Great improvements to the FPS genre. I like the sticky grenades, the melee, and vehicles. Shields vs health bar. Yes I realize some of these features were in Halo 1 but like I said I'm jumping from UT99 to Halo 3. As far as movement its a standard FPS forward, backward, strafe, jump, shoot. It would have been nice if they had the side roll(dodge) like UT99, or Gears, or some variations on the standard movement, but what do I know. This is why I like Gears of War they changed the overall game play of the FPS/TPS by adding a cover system as flawed as it may be. At least they gave us something new. Halo Wars - 8.5 / 10 Best RTS ever made for a console. Great story. great graphics, and thank you for choosing radio menus. Might I mention how horrible most RTS menu systems are (Battle March == WTF). I was not really big into RTSs but this was a great game. Kinda short but well executed. And now... Halo ODST - 9/10 Yes I think it is better than Halo 3. Awesome storyline. I was a little confused at first on the flashbacks but once I got into it, it was great. I love the "alone" feeling they captured in playing the rookie in the streets at night, with just a few patrols of covenant. Stamina + Health bar makes sense In response to other posts No shield.. duh! - ODST != Spartan Can't jump as high.. duh! - ODST != Spartan Can't punch as hard.. duh! - ODST != Spartan No dual wield.. ok - ODST != Spartan Ripping off turrets.. Yeah I don't get that either but ok. Firefight is what Horde in Gears should have been. The reinforcements come from logical locations instead of just popping into existence. The scoped pistol is new to me (didn't play halo 1) and the scoped silenced SMG is new to me so I will include those as good things. usable banshees in campaign is awesome. although I wanted to fly the Phantom. The Gauss cannon warthog.. very nice (is that new, I have never seen it before. I saw it in Halo Wars but not Halo 3) What the heck is a grunt doing with a rapid fire Fuel Cell Cannon? The Grunts were pretty bad a--... well as bad a-- as grunts can be. To me this felt like a new game, short, but new. My few bad comments TOO SHORT... I want more. Still no new improvements to game play. 1 new useless enemy well two if you count those dome things that blow up when you shoot them. Never got close enough to see if they did anything else.
  9. now that I've gotten the hang of this a bit i finally got my 20 mil, on Battle Royal, in a league 5 Torino. L5T2 engine, L5T3 handling and L5T1 weight.
  10. Does anyone have a full car list including Starting and Max League?
  11. Holy Crap did I see someone say they got 100mil... The best I have done so far is 390K I seem to do better in either a Gran Torino a Firebird or my new favorite now that I can get it is the Volante. The Volante is a pretty good drift car in my opinion, but I suck at drifting so my opinion doesn't really matter.
  12. I would make a recommendation on the Money achievements. Get a friend go online and do spectate betting on a course you know you can come from behind in. Get a Pimped out Gran Turino. Get in the lead then fall back trying to hold a couple guys back with you. Eventually your spectator will be able to lock in a 50/1 bet. Depending on the league you are in and the max bet we are talking winning millions of dollars on one race.
  13. So I'm a couple years late to this thread... oh well. I just got the game. After playing for an hour or so I can't say much, but the battle system seems likable. The general acting and cometary from the characters leaves a bit to be desired. The graphics are still rather good even for being 2 years old. My only question is this. What's up with Makoto? I get it he's gay and loves Toya, can we move on with the plot now?
  14. Seeing the lack people playing this game I will throw my hat in the boosting ring. I just got the game so let me know if you still need some help. GT: Dark Infinity 1
  15. The Apprentice is great for ring outs and wall hits. Just have your back to the edge (or wall) and do his standard throw. He will flip behind your opponent and do his little force explosion thing sending your opponent right off the edge(or into the wall). Be careful on the edge you can easily be knocked off. So I would recommend getting the highest Nullify Ring Out skill you can get.
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