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  1. Need all online achievements... GT blueshwoo
  2. If you're still looking for someone I need them all GT blueshwoo
  3. Looking to do both online achievements, don't have any others yet. GT blueshwoo
  4. Need two for RAAM's campaign.. doing it tonight. Msg asap.. GT blueshwoo or Zerka64
  5. Lookin to form a squad. Mainly for achievements but for fun as well. Ide prefer anyone interested be a lvl 20 with at least one class. My GT is blueshwoo. Hit me up if interested. If you already have a squad I can join as well.
  6. Hail to the king baby!.... anyone know exactly how this one works? I was assuming that maybe every map maxed out at 30 waves or so but when I tried doing them it wouldnt let me go past wave 5 unless I was doing somneones challenge.. I'm lost on this one
  7. Need someone to do challenges with, GT: blueshwoo
  8. Still looking for a group to do 4 player cheevs. Msg me if interested. Gt blueshwoo
  9. What exactly does the sine mora achievement require? I have beatin the prologue without missing any enemies and not being hit at all ... N/M, gotta take advanced route.
  10. There are requirements like playing so many hours and beating the game without continues... honestly I can't see too many people getting all these without serious dedication and skill.
  11. That must be it then because theres been several times I couldn't pick it up, thanks
  12. This may sound stupid but for the scrap pieces, they are the ones that show up in scan mode as two gears on destroyed mechs right? And how exactly do you pick them up because I have found several and when I go to them nothing pops up, Ive even tried hitting every possible button in and out of scan mode. Hopefully someone writes a good guide for this one because the game itself doesnt explain much of anything. Still trying to figure out what alot of things mean in the game and how it really works. Thanks for starting this thread.
  13. Looking for members, gonna need people to be involved so we can work together to take territories. Team name is Dark Ravens its open to join.
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