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  1. no definite fix yet, Ive seen some people saying downloading the latest drivers for their Graphics card worked but it did nothing for me.
  2. Looks like Ive been screwed on the phone version aswell, just paid for it and it refused to download, error code 8000ffff. Then tried to dl again and its says app not available for my device, bet Ive still been charged though
  3. Looks like we're not alone; https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst219160_Spartan-Assault-Game-Crashing--PC.aspx https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst219193_Spartan-Assault-App-Crashes-On-Launch.aspx https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst219177_Spartan-Assault-Keeps-Crashing.aspx https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst219166_Cannot-get-passed-the-Title-Screen.aspx Theres loads more but you get the picture... hopefully its fixed soon for all those unable to play
  4. confirmed UK, downloaded it an hour ago edit; but tried to play it just now and it refuses to launch, I get a quick glimpse of a title screen then it immediately boots me back to the windows 8 start screen?!
  5. I played a couple of hrs ago and the servers were still up
  6. That's funny as fuck Kazz, your gonna need to change your tag to Old MacDonald, also you might wanna turn your TV down when you know a chiev is gonna pop; explaining to the neighbours why a multitude of farm animals appear to be crying in your house could be awkward. EDIT; that camel looked/sounded like it had some serious breath
  7. well that's a bastard... thanks for info though. Which version is easier overall?
  8. This sharpshooter bit sounds like a total nightmare. Think I'll wait for someone clever to figure out the other version of the egg and pray its a lot easier.
  9. Stab in the dark hear Barad but Im guessing your not from the countryside, owls don't howl and cows definitely don't scream!!
  10. I think this has happened in my game, we've been trying to get him to appear for 2 hours now and no luck, somebody in my game must have killed the guy. Has anybody got an amulet they could drop so me and my partner could equip it to get our last achievement, please!!! GT IVIr IVIeNsA ok got it
  11. Not for Europeans, US gets loads of games that never see the light of day here, granted most of them are turd but there you go.
  12. Im leaning more towards what Kazz is saying here, Im a completionist aswell and let me say that for me NOTHING has been cleared up. Ive asked in 3 different places now and no one knows; 1. Do challenges that you did not complete appear on your gamertag or not? because if they do then you will not have 100% on a game regardless of whether you have all the gamerscore. 2. Are the challenges assigned 0g (which in my book makes them achievements) or are they truly separate? 100% = all achievements, not all gamerscore: Thats true both on TA, and on the current version of the dashboard complete games list. Hopefully they appear on the same list as the normal achievements only when complete and do not show up otherwise. I do not want to have to (ocd) become a challenge whore as well as an achievement whore.
  13. Ok I'll credit you here and on TA thankyou!!! If its not right this time Im gonna delete the original post and just write GRIND FAST(er) in massive red letters!
  14. Im sorry some of you are having difficulty getting this to work, I'll edit in Psycho0022's advice to my first post since that worked for him but aside from that I dont really know what to suggest. If anyone figures out whats going wrong then please post and I'll amend the guide and give credit, thankyou
  15. Ive just finished the game and thought I'd share my method for grinding out the remaining ranks for my squad. I needed just under 1 million xp to get my last 3 characters up to lvl 35, each needing approx 300k xp, I managed to earn this in under an hour so the method is pretty quick. Apologies if this is posted somewhere else on the forum. Load the First checkpoint of the first mission (easy difficulty) from the level select menu and play through the game until the the end of the second mission. Here there is a boss fight against Ivan Sovlenko. Once you have defeated his giant form twice you must then shoot his normal human form to finish him off. As soon as you kill him 5000xp and 200xp will pop up on the screen and then the game cuts to a cutscene of Ivan writhing in pain, at this point pause and exit to the menu. Then pick campaign, solo then continue game. You'll now be at the final part of the boss fight again and after shooting Ivan for 2 seconds you will net another 5200xp. This xp will be given to ALL of your characters because it is story based xp not combat based so it does not matter which character you use. You can do this loop in 40 seconds and gain over 450k xp per hour. Credit to Chuppernicus for confirming that you must use level select and start from the first checkpoint of chapter one. I had originally thought this could be done by loading the final checkpoint on chapter 2 but it appears that this is not the case.
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