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  1. I've heard some of the weapons have been weaken in the latest update, such as pistols and snipers. I usually use AP pistol, carbine and the heavy sniper. Have these been ruined? Will I need to swap my weapons for others? I've also heard driving gameplay had changed, like spoilers are now needed for certain super and sports cars for racing. Is that true? I've not been on in a while (swapped my copy with a friend for watchdogs for a few weeks) and was hoping the gameplay physics haven't changed to much...
  2. Because the dubsta 6x6 is on the military website does this make it Pegasus only and not able to go in a garage? If so with the weapon nerfing.... this update is weak.
  3. More people now more than ever have a scrolling through the code of GTA V. Somebody has found file names of possible future weapons such as "smoke grenade launcher" and "stinger". I really hope R* will announce something official soon. I have attached the image of the code in question:
  4. I heard you can get up to 80k for the first heist, No mention I splitting the money either so some good money there.... Hope there are at least 10 different heists when they come out. Also the roles systems seems interesting... Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/gta-online-cooperative-heists-details-potentially-revealed
  5. I went from 135mill to 300k. As a final middle finger up I bought the cargobob online. F tha po po that is R*! Haha XD
  6. I have submitted a report about the 143million dollars I received. I spend maybe 10 mill on new cars and planes. I really didn't want to be banned for this crap, cos I haven't modded or cheated. Then around a week after they emailed me to say they have fixed the issue with their latest update, so I went online updated it and I'm still sitting with over 130mill R* Fail
  7. Found this info on heists. Hope this comes out soon Source:
  8. Just to let everyone know that those pesky hacked servers have been removed Source:
  9. I have a Sultan, but they can be found around. They're really not that rare. I used to have one just randomly lost it through insurance bug where the game froze I led you message my gt I'm online now
  10. I need a sultan to finish off my garage, just need to sit in it unless you want to trade on for something...
  11. Which faction would you rather join? Dawnguard — A group of vampire hunters dedicated to destroying the Volkihar Vampire Lords. Volkihar Vampires — The Volkihar vampire clan intends to blot out the sun and dominate Skyrim. I always seem to join the good side even though the evil is very tempting...
  12. I know where the guy should be, (saw the video) its that he in not there, so I was wondering if I could find another claw?
  13. Done the quest "Forgotten Legend" around 40 levels ago. Now level 60 I thought I should get all the dragon shout to level 3, so I ask the greybeards to mark a word on my map. I get to Folgunthur notice the place is marked as cleared search around, finally get to the dragon wall at the bottom of the tomb, where a gate needing an ivory claw is need to open it, so I go back to the mage who is meant to have it and he is not there, I'm not sure if I have had the claw before but its not in my house and I wouldnt sell it. Is there another way through the gate or a way to find the claw??? Really want to get all words but don't want to reload that far back...
  14. Done the 99th just waiting for the last, off to blow more money off the Audi R8 slot machine...
  15. Thanks, not sure what had happened but 1 had now appeared, hadn't used filter. Hate the adrenaline challenges, but a least now I can finish it. Now sure how to fill this bar, tryed everything.
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