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  1. Hey sorry for missing your messages, if you still need sentients, I can make you any healer, dps or tank. Add me as a friend (fastman903) and let me know what you need

  2. Is this offer still on the table? Just started Sentient and wouldn't mind a wee bit of help.
  3. Steel Talons... Tiberian Sun was awesome... Still think their Super Unit should have been the Mammoth MkII. The MARV just doesn't have that perfect combo with available Steel Talon infantry. But yeah, Black Hand is extremely limited in offense. While I did enjoy the Purifier, it was the only thing that really stood out. Marked of Kane were a nice spice for NOD with the Venom and Shredder upgrades and the whole Cyborg aspect. I just dislike the Skrin, though I don't deny their awesome air superiority. Haven't really played around with the other two factions.... But not a fan based off the couple skirmishes I have done with them. GDI and Steel Falcons just fantastic, ZOCOM not quite as big of fan due to the lack of rail guns, but still rather unique. Regardless of Faction the MARV with it's harvesting ability is just fantastic, able to pump out an army for just driving it over some tiberum.
  4. Do it against AI. Sell your base if you don't feel like actually trying to have a bit of fun getting it.
  5. In Caves of the Dead you can level up 3 hero's to 35, assuming you can get the priest to 25 before you start fighting the vampire who respawns.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has an awesome team up and going? Surprised this place is so dead... When ACV came out everyone was all over the forums. Have a good one!
  7. I don't know, I really think 4 was way too easy. For Answer was just rediculous.... Still need to finish that... 9200 kills and wins to go...
  8. I had 14,000 at one point but trimmed it to about 10,000 so they would fit on my Zune.
  9. Street Fighter with Jean-Claude Van Damme was amazing.....
  10. Just wondering if you need Mango to get this? Haven't updated yet, so some games dont show up.
  11. Yah, there are a couple tough ones, 5-2 was pretty easy. Found a picture that someone had drawn by hand. Brilliant. But these are the best solutions for the later levels. If not only.
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