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  1. Mafia 2 is a brilliant game with great atmosphere. Never played F1 2013 but it seems like an odd choice to pick sports games since they probably have to pick the older and "outdated" ones
  2. I'm at 940/1000G on Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince, I think the guide I was using didn't list one of the collectibles so it's just sitting there with one 60G achievemen left. I sold it so I'll probably never get it finished anyway.
  3. The Saboteur, the freeplay markers were a grind but the game was still fairly fun. I was just about getting tired of it when I finished the last achievement.
  4. Just completed Spec Ops: The Line, the hardest difficulty was a nightmare
  5. Just got 200G on Super Meat Boy, I have to say I'm a bit proud. Fantastic game overall.
  6. I'm looking for 2 players to do the co-op achievements with. Message me and when I have two people that are up for it I'll let you guys know and we can get it done.
  7. I'd be amazed if there is anyone still playing this. I need all 4 co-op achievements. Just message me if you're interested. I have no mic though but it should still be easy
  8. I hope it's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 and My Horse And Me 2
  9. Borderlands 2 is going to be 75% off and all DLC will be 50% off. https://blog.2k.com/index.php/home/single/microsofts-borderlands-2-spring-sale/microsofts-borderlands-2-spring-sale
  10. And then that game will get on GWG a month later.
  11. Oh my god, I hope that it's "No Deeplinking please!" I've been wanting to play that for so long.
  12. I hope it's Ride to Hell Retribution and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct next month.
  13. Another one, availabe to August 5th too. CBK33-WWXCT-S69BX-CR33T-XR9CR
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