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  1. Will be away from the site. I wish you all the very best!


    Cheers! ;)

  2. Hi there! I'm still a bit confused about those Micro guides and road maps and whatever! I checked that I have currently 1 Micro guide written and it's for Forza Horizon's DLC. Now the question is: if I write a Road map for the DLC too, is it included in the same credit for the guide or do I get another "Micro credit"? Haha, it's all too confused :p

  3. Hi! Can you close my poll thread as I didn't put any ending date for the poll and as I stated in the thread I won't be doing any videos. I don't want people to go there and vote for it anymore as the actual vote has ended. thanks :)



  4. Same as any other day to me, probably because I'm single and anti social lol. But a good day none the less! :p

  5. Thanks :) Have a good one? :p

  6. Happy Valentines Day! :D

  7. Well the most recent error seems to be resolved. I don't know about yours.

  8. Mind if I bother you for a quick second to ask if you can throw two Sticky's on the Threads I made in the Halo 4 - Majestic Map Pack sub-forum? :p

  9. woot! Halo <2

    I'm just worried I won't be able to join - there is something wrong with GFWL and being on a Family Plan - has to do with the settings being 'custom'.

    I had to hop off of my Family Plan and do the monthly Gold Account just so I could get those achievements last year.

    It bans you too! Considering this scenario - A child tried to play online, couldn't, changed their settings to MA, won't work because GFWL Halo <2 remembers and blocks them!

  10. Nothin much. GFWL servers are finally working meaning we can actually go on with the Halo 2 event.

  11. Haha, thanks!

    Flashy, flashy! Hell yeah! :D

  12. Changed. Sorry about that, I mean to catch stuff like that during pre-publishing tasks. Cheers Geoff!
  13. Hey, What's new with you?

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