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  1. This is going to be a tough one I think, seem to be a lot of different achievmetns for a few different modes, so won't be a quick one. Still, haven't played a 2k nba game for a while, so am enjoying it
  2. Yeah slow mo doesn't slow the mini game, I tested that a fair few times lol Try the mutators though, its still bloody annoying, but its that little bit easier and was enough to get my over the line. Deleted the game straight after hahaha
  3. Yup, the mutators did it for me, got it in 10mins after trying for hours the other night. Lags it just enough to make it that bit easier so bloody happy, now i'm never playing this again lol
  4. Seriously, screw this flappy goat game to the seven hells! lol tried for a good 3hrs the other night, and was getting pretty good scores at one point but just kept hitting invisible walls constantly!! Put it down after a while, but will give it another go tonight and hopefully can get somewhere with it lol
  5. Took me so bloody long to figure this out lol
  6. Yeah DLC will be MP only... but am hoping they don't add cheevy's with them. OT: I'm in love with this game. Its such a great game, and gives me lots of flashbacks to the old Doom days, I laughed with glee when I picked up my first security card! haha They've really done a great job of it
  7. So what is the month membership like? Say I get one, create a new character with one of the unlocked powers, do I lose that power/character once the one month is up? Am curious as to how it works, as I'm tossing up whether to bite and get the ultimate ed, or to just get a sub. I bought it when it was on PS3, so not keen to pay again for a full game.... but I guess it depends on how much fun I can get out of it
  8. Yeah as BluWolve has said, its a bug with the achievement system, not with the game. Just keep plugging away and it should hopefully unlock soon
  9. Acrobatics all the way The grappling hook you unlock is as fast as the Super Speed providing there is a wall close enough to grapple to, and you can fly as well once you upgrade it. Not as fast as flight, but you can still fly as far as you need without touching the ground Plus... its just fun lol
  10. Is a great game, so if you like this style of game then I would buy it, but on the other hand, the game is no less without the ultimate edition. As a F2P game, its bloody awesome haha
  11. Yup, i completely expected it to crash on day 1 lol As is the case with most MMO's on launch day. Am looking forward to jumping on tonight for a tear Played it many years ago when it first came out on PS, and loved it. Really fun game, really well made, so I would honestly give it a chance before you give up on it
  12. I didn't say it, the devs did lol http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1441160-Changelog-April-28th-maintenance They've also said they are still looking into reckless (don't ask me to link that as I have no idea where i read it), and are planning to fix in an upcoming patch. I just assume its not an easy fix as they are patching everything else quickly, like damage from elites which they've fixed in under a week since it was found, as with the new Rehabilitated perk glitch I dont' actually fully understand it the bug TBH, does it benefit you, or the opposite?
  13. Started off with a few delta errors, but the last couple of weeks have been smooth. I never get them anymore. Regarding the Season Pass, I don't think you have anything to worry about, its not like the incursions, they were supposed to be hard, where as the expansions are billed to be super tough. I'm sure they'll be like the missions, where they'll have varying difficulty levels for you to choose from
  14. I got a gun skin out of one of them last night! It was crap, but I didn't know they dropped gun skins Other then that, I've had two Nomad peices drop, a couple of golds, and the rest purples... and i've opened a ton, probably 30 or more. That being said... my luck is shit, my mate has gotten plenty of Gear out them, bastard got a sweet pair of striker gloves last night out of one
  15. Is being fixed this thursday guys From what I heard, it was a simple mix up in coding. They put a negative value, where they should have put a positive, making it increase the damage rather then negate it. Thankfully, they spotted the thread on reddit, implemented the fix, and is going out tonight/today Yeah, the game is buggy, but I do appreciate how quickly they are jumping on to the fixes
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