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  1. Looking to do the co op achievements msg me on xbox live gt is fearlesseugene
  2. looking to boost achievements i have 1 other person we would like to have 8 more so we can knock them out fast 1.Fearlesseugene 2.daSTLmostwanted 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. sub. sub.
  3. looking to boost the Vietnam DLC achievements messege me via XBL and send friend request
  4. looking to do all multiplayer achievements hit me up on XBL
  5. i got a lobby wit just me and a friend in it right now if anyone wants to boost
  6. looking for two people to do the 4 player multiplayer achievement we are online now messege me on XBL
  7. Look for someone to go though story mode on co op wit on recruit just to get it out the way message me on Xbox live and we can set something up
  8. looking for 1 more person to boost xp we have seven so messege me via xbox live we are on now first
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