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  1. I've been trying to boost this with a 2nd controller too but it doesn't seem to work. Any tips gratefully received!
  2. Hi - thanks to redknightnz81, but sadly I'd sold the game on ebay and even worse, as my local post office was open I posted it first thing this morning, so I no longer have the game, but big thanks for coming back to me on that, appreciate it. Gutted, 50g short of another 1000g game :-(
  3. if so, message me, GT: Geordie Sanchez, can do most nights after 8pm UK time...
  4. I think this whole thing sucks and has ruined one of the best multi-player games around. I've been playing it for about 9-12 months which for me is an achievement in itself as normally I get bored around 1-3 months of online action, but not with this one. The past few days i've not been able to get on and play properly, none of my stats have updated anywhere as I chase down the remaining 3 insignias. I've started playing bbc1 now and I get the impression there's quite a few other like minded people resorting to that game as well...
  5. Doesn't seem to be dishing out awards either. I've called it a night on there. Go and play something different for the first time in a few months!
  6. I've just tried to play but only have limited guns available and no perks on any of them! WTF!!! I'm trying to get the shotgun insignia but the shottie isn't available to me!
  7. Same problem here. I've just had a 4mb patch for BFBC2 as well but that didn't make a difference, still can't log in...
  8. BBC2 that is, oops!

  9. Thanks man, appreciate your guide, used to find the missing m-com's now. Helped a lot.

  10. I got it over the weekend after playing 2 first and was impressed. This one leaves a lot to be desired. Despite turning the auto replays off, it keeps showing me replays, and usually at the most inconvenient of times. I'm only playing the first mission, the point where you chase the taxi down to destroy it. It seems when I get close to hitting the guy it will replay the last scene where I did hit him and you lose all momentum and before you know it, he's gone. the other thing is, if you hit him up pretty spectacularly and you voth get sent off the road behind the barriers, you hit select o put you back on the road and you suddenly find he's 450 metres away and you ain't got a hope in hell of closing up 270 metres in the 5 seconsd it gives you. Going straight back up for sale. I've never played a more frustrating game. It's a shame as I quite enjoyed the 2nd one.
  11. Just got this yesterday and have been playing it for a bit. It's frustrating though as the directional arrow sits just above centre of your car blocking your view of oncoming traffic/obstacles. I've been through the options, but nothing seems to turn it off. Does anyone know how to turn it off as it is spoiling the game for me. Thx
  12. I'm currently playing it online in the UK. I've found if I go on around 9pm (UK), I usually get 5-6 people floating round on there and manage to play a few games with up to 5 players. Shame it's not popular as I think it's a great game.
  13. Out of interest, how many points was it? Or is it on a kill/death ratio? Just curious, I'm only level 4 at the moment but enjoying it.
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