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  1. I picked up the XBLA version (download) and the retail version for the Xbox One. It could have gone either way with the XB1 version but i did like the sound of owning a physical copy of one of my favourite games. Also the disk was cheaper then downloading the game + the season pass so that also pushed me to buy retail.
  2. The Online patch is technically not DLC. It will be coming via a game patch which will of course be free. Not too sure on the release date though. Hoping for sometime within the next 2 or 3 months.
  3. I agree. The XBLA version graphics are lacking... especially in the menus. The XB1 version on the other hand is quite the opposite.
  4. hopefully this doesn't have to be redeemed on the day of release because i have a feeling im not going to be able to get my hands on a console on the 22nd.
  5. looks great, what did you use to make it? and would u consider making one for every stage?
  6. didnt work... what did work however, was signing out of my account and loading the game up without a profile logged in, then the game loads up fully and promts you to sign in when u press start at the main menu.
  7. yesterday the game was working fine, and now today, when i try to load it up, i get the first 2 splash screen things and then the screen just goes black... am i the only person having this problem? ;/
  8. when i first bought the game, i scored 600k on expert and it was on the leaderboard, then i scored 150k (lol) and is overwrote my score, and now nomatter what i get it wont update onto the leaderboard, i have tried redownloading the game but it wont work, when im playing a game it says my highscore is like 818k (because i beat my old score). Edit: finally found the game save on my harddrive, looked through my entire list only to find it was in Jp writing at the bottom... i shudda known lol, gonna delete the game save and try again. Edit2: that didnt work lol.
  9. wow people these days, why does everyone assume people are hacking leaderboards just because they are far better than you will EVER be, you realise this game is old right? people have had PLENTY of time to master it... LOL again, i dont see a hacker knocking you off, i see someone who is BETTER than you knocking you off, but you would probly be too blind and call them a hacker anyway, right? i love ignorance.
  10. pretty hard? what were u smoking when u chose the word 'pretty', u do realise theres only one person with 50k score on classic mode right? other than this, dicent guide!
  11. Hey could you please delete your post on my guide for GH6, it's messing up the view. To get the achievement you need to have the warrior of rock and get 40 stars per song

  12. Pseudo Perfectionist achievement didnt unlock for me for some reason, hopefully im just missing something and it isnt glitched, but i defenitly gained 10 stars in the 1st chapter and the 3rd chapter, cant work out how the challenge thing works in the 2nd and 4th ones :/
  13. i would also like to know, and i would also like to know why i didnt get the medal achievement when i finished a stage with the game telling me i had 53 gold medals :/ perhaps the stages has something to do with those letters that u collect in each stage... or maby your right about the no continue buisness.
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