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  1. There are several emblems that can only be obtained by one character. The emblem guide specifies which ones are character specific.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I was looking for the ladder forever. Just in case someone else needs it in the future. The ladder is in the little alley by the other key that is out in the open (not the one where you have to turn off the electricity).
  3. You might have found this already, but I think I know where "sunrise" is. In the last level instead of destroying the fountains, go back up to the building where Serena is. The radio in there talks about "sunrise".
  4. Excellent guide, it really helped for some of them that were in places that I wouldn't think to look. I do have 1 small correction though. I could be mistaken but I believe the last 2 manuscripts that you need to get are switched. The one on the rock is "The Clothes" and the last one that is on the cactus is "Alice's Film". Not a huge deal though. Thanks for your hard work!!!
  5. Yeah, I had the same problem. Here is a link to the Remedy Forums pertaining to this issue (as you mentioned) http://community.remedygames.com/showthread.php?t=8083 I can confirm that this worked for me. Has to be done from main menu apparently (Didn't try otherwise). Only bad thing is you lose any guns/supplies you have collected so far. Not that bad though because you get things back pretty quickly and the bird enemies are easy.
  6. Have been waiting for some good deals. Loved the main game. When I saw this game was on sale, I bought it as soon as I could.
  7. I had some trouble with finding the last wayshrine too. Just head north-west from the shrine of resolution. Cross the stone bridge with with a flag on each side and keep following the path north-west. Hope this helps anyone who is lost.
  8. I had no idea that little thing on the floor was the switch, lol. Thanks for the help.
  9. I was having trouble on this part too. Usually what would happen was I would miss one guy on a side or something stupid like that. Anyways, I would run out to the truck (i don't know if you have to run out to that first truck with the gun you're supposed to use to get the others to start coming or not, but that's what I did) then I ran back and either prone or crouched in the corner. Even with waiting in the corner it took me a few tries just because sometimes a rogue enemy would get past Price and i wasnt expecting it so he would kill me really fast. But waiting in the corner DID work for me. Hope this helps.
  10. I must've missed the part in the dialogue where they tell you to get it out of the metal box. Thanks for your help.
  11. yeah I got through the level without too much difficulty. Plus you get Jorge to help you for the last part anyways.
  12. I am currently playing on Tip of the Spear. I played through the part where you have to take out one of the AA guns and then a bridge is dropped down so you can go acrossed it. I only had a ghost at my disposal and there was a phantom that would not leave us alone. So i blasted through on my ghost and left Kat behind. I assumed she would just spawn on me at the next checkpoint but that never happened. I am now farther on in the level and I was wondering if there was any way to get Kat (or another AI partner for that matter) to respawn in this situation. There may already be a thread about this but I tried several searches with different phrases that I thought would get results and couldn't find what I was looking for, so if there is another thread that addresses my question please direct me to it.
  13. Heh, I didn't realize you had to pick up the ammo upgrade yourself, as well as everyone else on your team. Got it now though.
  14. Should be fine as long as you don't fire any bullets. Or just do it on easy difficulty. Won't even need to use throwables.
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