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  1. ive done all the story missions over the last few days. I still dont have the acheivement am i missing something? I beleive there are 3 islands or territorys? i had to take down befofe i advanced to the last mission. Its been a while so im not sure. On 1 i did all the story chapters on hard and the acheivement popped.
  2. My game should be in thursday im excited to play this. Anyone down to play hit me up my gamer tag is chillin chilean
  3. I could use some players for the side quests. Like the splinter cell Rainbow and the ghosts missions and Predator. I can not seem to do these by myself and i have no idea why. I got the rest of the game with the AI these are giving me a hard time. My gamer tag is Chillin chilean Hit me up and we can find a time to do this!
  4. I find it interesting. The controls are different then the OG. I find the gameplay somewhat easy.. often times confusing having to use the weapon wheel to quickly use potions. Visually its gorgeous. Its interesting they would use RPG style components in your stats as well as your horse. Having to bath feed and groom and change clothing. I do find riding around on a horse can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes or even fun at times. Sometimes i steer right and still seem to smack into a tree. There is allot to do and side missions are everywhere and i find going from point a to point be sometimes slow depending who needs help or wants to rob me. I for one am interested in seeing how the online goes. The OG online seemed a bit weak. As a owner of GTA 5 i find the online much more engaging and fun. Although i do not play online in GTA 5 much. I do hope that Red dead online is just as engaging. I got bored and tired of the run and gun constantly found in the call of duty series on small maps. I found battlefield 1s map much more engaging with more options. So I hope that Red dead will entertain us all and offer up a HUGE landscape with many options and hopefully just like GTA give us some out of this world events and activity's. let me know your thoughts and what your looking forward to when Red dead online releases. Let me know what you think of single player. whats your favorite thing to do?
  5. Did anyone elses story reset? I have not played in some time. I know for a a while it kept asking if I owned the game and I could play online.. today I wanted to get codex and field manuals and finish up the story side. But it reset me.. I finished on hard. Weird. I recently upgraded to premium. Not sure if that has anything to do with anything. Or any updates they rolled out
  6. I just got this from the sale.. I Have had several crashes since downloading. Ill be playing and all of a sudden it shows the two faces and says loading and sets me back to the main menu.. Anyone else having this issue? Im thinking of deleting and reinstalling and hopes that helps but not sure.
  7. I have him I don't think I skipped videos by pressing b or anything I watched them all. Even ones I all ready did. Just to be safe.
  8. Anyone else having issues with this not unlocking? I've done this with all fighters and it didn't unlock. I figured with the update and red hood being available it may be holding me back. I got red hood beat the simulator but nothing unlocked. I went down the list left to right with all fighters and not sure why it's still locked... It still says I'm at 96 percent...
  9. I agree it has been quiet... im allready 400 of 1000. Ranked play is going to be a pain I have yet to win I've done it now a good ten times.
  10. Anyone else having an issue smashing them all? I have one right by "return to Byron bay" it won't register as smashed. I've smashed it reset my game and smashed it again it breaks but won't unlock my achievement. It's the last one I need...
  11. Does anyone know if this is included for season pass holders?? It looks cool. Anyone excited?
  12. The place holder is what I got. It looks like dlc. I should get my code any day. I just finished the tutorials and now I'm on to the game. If anyone wants to play let me know. Me and my girl will likely be looking for some people. Chillin chilean is my GT
  13. I pre ordered. I am just curious to when exactly do I get the definitive edition of halo wars 1. It downloaded with my pre load I just can't play it... figured it would keep us busy until the play early release.
  14. I've done a hard reset it did not work. The challenges are complete in my challenge section. I just wish I knew what to do. I've even removed my gt and then relogged in that did not work.
  15. My girlfriend and I played on the same console with two different names. We started the game at the same time and were still going unlocking a few adventure achievements.
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